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Coolers which are also known as Ice Chest has advanced with time. The days are gone for Styrofoam coolers. It’s 2021, time to change with time. Though you all are familiar with coolers as its day to day need thing. Here we are going to talk specifically over Best Coolers in Market.

Yeti vs. Rtic | Choose The Best Cooler: Are you an outdoor adventurer who loves to trek, hike and explore nature’s utmost beautiful scenarios by taking long rides and trips into the woods? There you are cut off from the outer world and you have your basic food and water supply going bad because of faulty or no cooler available. If yes, then this article is for you as it has helped several people in selecting the best ice chest as their travelling companion.

There are several brands for the various varieties and types of ice chests but we have done the research for you in prior and shorten the list to just 2 of the most famous and best ice chest brands namely RTIC and Yeti.  Let’s discuss in detail why we came down to only these two brands and which one of them will be the best choice for you.

rtic vs yeti cooler comparison

What are RTIC and YETI?

If you have done a bit of research of your own on finding the best cooler then there is a possibility that you would have heard and seen both these names. But if you are new to finding ice chest and coolers then let us introduce you to these famous brands which are the leading cooler providers worldwide. Both these companies build coolers with similar design and varieties and due to their similarities, there have been several lawsuits over them as well.

So, before directly going into the comparison let us discuss and know more about these brands first.

 Rtic CoolerRTIC is a brand which was launched in 2014 much later and recent when compared to YETI. This particular brand has been in trend for a while now due to several issues. RTIC has become such a big brand and a strong competitor of Yeti in such a short time, the main reason behind this is the pricing range provided by RTIC. RTIC coolers are much cheaper when compared to Yeti or any other leading coolers because they cut off the middlemen in the sales process and sold on the basis of word of mouth. Which in return saved them a lot of money hence they could provide those coolers for a lesser amount.

But now they do not only rely on word of mouth but you can find them on any big offline or online store like Amazon as well. Moreover, they also took inspiration from the Yeti coolers and made similar coolers at a cheaper rate due to which they fell into legal troubles filed by Yeti but they have resolved the issue among them.

Yeti Cooler Buyers GuideYeti has been one of the leading cooler providers since 2006. They launched themselves in this premium cooler line field in 2006 in Texas and hence brought the revolution in this industry. Yeti is known for its large varieties of ice chest available with them. They simply have a particular model for every need. They include all shapes and sizes and come in different colours with featuring hard-sided or soft-sided varieties. RTIC has been giving them hard competition but Yeti is one step ahead from RTIC. They have also released a line of products, and hence Yeti is No. 1 brand when it comes to the ice chest, Rumbler, tumbler, and coolers.

Yeti vs. Rtic Cooler Comparison & Buyers Guide

RTIC vs. YETI Coolers Brand Comparison 2021

So let us find out which brand to go for between RTIC and YETI for keeping your food and drinks fresh using these ice chests. We have compared these two brands on a few variables as mentioned below. Hence check for your variable and go for that particular brand.

RTIC vs. YETI Hard Coolers

Here’s the big question: Yeti vs. Rtic. Which one to choose when it comes to Hard coolers? Well, let’s first understand what is hard cooler meant to be. Hard coolers are generally rotomolded coolers big in size, heavy in weight. It comes in 20L to 350L of size. You can keep all your food with beers and it will remain chilled over a week. We have analyzed a few hard coolers from both Yeti and Rtic, used them for some time and here comes our conclusion. We have generally checked for these four matrics while reviewing these Ice Chests:

  • Built Quality – RTIC coolers cut down on few places like rubber seals and a few other stuff in terms of the quality. Whereas YETI makes sure there is no compromising with the quality of the product.
  • Product Warranty – YETI coolers provide you with a complete and secure 5 years warranty to any repair needed throughout the warranty period whereas the RTIC warranty seems confusing and not so promising.
  • Ice Retention – RTIC beats YETI in terms of ice retention but, YETI coolers can also have ice retention for few days but somehow they have it lesser time period than RTIC when it comes to Hard coolers.
  • Price – As discussed in the above RTIC coolers are cheaper than YETI. Hence if you look into price then RTIC is the one you need to vouch for.

Yeti vs Rtic Hard Cooler Comparison

Size (QT)20, 35, 45, 50, 65, 75, 105, 110, 125, 160, 210, 250, 35020, 45, 65, 110, 145
QualityMade with durable & premium materials.RTIC skimps on quality in a few places like the quality of their rubber seals.
Ice RetentionDon’t get it twisted, they still hold ice for days, but RTICs do have the advantage hereSurprisingly, they held ice slightly longer than the YETIs
WarrantyAll YETI products are backed by a 5-year warrantyA confusing and lacking warranty to say the least
PriceWhile they cost a little more, you’re getting a quality product from a trusted brandRTIC built their business around being “A YETI at half the price” so they obviously win this one

Apart from the variety in sizes, you can also find bucket coolers from Yeti with new TANK Series.

RTIC seems pretty much promising when it comes to affordability and value for money. But Yeti as a market leader has best coolers with awesome built quality. Ice retention is pretty much common in both. However, Yeti may perform well in most of the conditions. If you are looking for Hard Cooler for home then we suggest you should go with RTIC as you will get a decent price off as compared to Yeti. We recommend Yeti Hard Coolers for outdoor activities like eg. if you want a cooler for hiking or camping.

RTIC vs YETI Soft Coolers

Soft Coolers comes in smaller sizes as compared to hard once. They are generally less than 40L in size and made up of typically RF material. So, these are easy to carry and work well in day to day life. Although due to the smaller size it can’t take much of your food, still it’s not bad to have 30 chilled beers within it. Let’s do not wait more and jump into Yeti vs. Rtic Soft cooler battle, and find the best soft cooler.

  • Built Quality – Even in Soft coolers YETI wins the race as they make their products with durable materials which could withstand any wear and tear and give the coolers a longer life. Whereas the material used in RTIC soft coolers is not so good when compared to YETI.
  • Product Warranty – YETI coolers also provides you with a complete and secure 5 years warranty for their Soft cooler line up as well whereas the RTIC warranty seems confusing and not so promising.
  • Ice Retention – Due to the insulation in the RTIC they do not perform as better as their hard coolers and hence here YETI wins the race.
  • Price – In the soft cooler lineup as well RTIC comes with cheaper prices than Yeti.


Seems like, things are pretty much in favour of Yeti when it comes to Soft Coolers. RTIC Soft coolers may have an affordable price but it doesn’t matter a lot if Yeti fits with all your need. Yeti Hopper Series is known for best Soft coolers in the market from years. You can find the most promising Soft Ice Chest from both Yeti & Rtic here:

Product Comparison

Let us now compare these two brands by selecting a few products from each of their product lines and comparing them based on their features.


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ROADIE 20, ROADIE 20 review, ROADIE 20 vs roadie 20, comparison, review, guide
YETI 20 has a capacity which can hold up to 14 cans with ice to the content ratio of 2:1.The capacity of RTIC 20 can withhold 24 cans.
Equipped with 3 inches of Permafrost insulation.NA
The dimension of the product is 19.5 x 12 x 15 inches and weighs approx 18.9 pounds.The dimension of the product is 20x 17.5 x 15 inches and weighs approx 17.5 lbs.
Can keep the inside items cold for 3-4 days easily.Can keep the inside items cold and fresh for 3 days.


It has a good capacity of holding of 24 cans in it.It has an excellent capacity of holding 30 cans inside of it.
It can keep items inside of it cold and fresh for 2-3 days.It keeps items inside it cold and fresh for 5 days easily.
The dimension of the product is 16 x 22 5/8 x 12 inches and weighs approximately 5lbs.The dimensions of RTIC 30 are 17 x 14 x 12.5 inches and weighs 5 pounds.


It can hold up to 26 cans into it easily.This particular model can hold up to 36-40 cans into it easily.
This particular model has a capacity of keeping the items inside of it cold for 10 days.The items in this cooler can be kept cold and fresh for 6-7 days in max.
The dimensions of Tundra 45 are 25.5 x 16 x 15.5 inches and weighs approximately 15 poundsThe dimensions of this model are 26.5 X 16.5 X 16 inches and weigh approx 25 pounds.

Hard Coolers Vs. Soft Coolers – The Differences

Okay, So you already checked different hard and soft coolers from Yeti as well as Rtic. Choosing a cooler can be pretty difficult these days as there are lots of variety available. If you are still unable to decide which one you go for in between hard or soft cooler. Let’s help you out. I wouldn’t say that one category is better than the other. They simply are designed for different purposes. So, it all comes down to what actually your requirements are. Without any delay, let’s dig into the details:

Soft Coolers: If you’re looking for a cooler that’s good for daily use, then you should proceed with a soft cooler. Because, they’re lightweight, versatile, and easy to carry around. They are made of vinyl or fabrics, which makes them extremely lightweight. Usually, when you’re using a cooler on a regular basis, it must be portable. Furthermore, soft coolers can be folded down to a smaller size, and you can store them easily.

Hard Coolers:  For those of you, who go out on adventurous tours, hard coolers are the way to go. They’re built with strong material, which is suitable for your all outdoor activities. They also offer much better ice retention, compared to their counterparts. Additionally, you can also store a lot more content in hard coolers. They’re durable and reliable, especially when you’re far away from your home.

Final Verdict: Yeti vs. Rtic Comparison

So this was our extensive RTIC vs. YETI coolers comparison based on several factors like durability, strength, capacity and price factors. Now you need to decide which of these factors are more important to you and based on those read our reviews above and select the mode you want to go for. Both these coolers are better than any other brand out there right now. Hence going for any of the ones would be a win-win situation for you. But here is our personal opinion on which one to purchase among RTIC and YETI.

If you can get a nice discount or deal of the model of YETI over RTIC then blindly go for the YETI model. But if you are tight on budget and do not find any better deal on YETI then go for RTIC.

We have already listed the best deals and discounts on both the brands of ice chests above hence you can use the link to purchase button above in the comparison to make the purchase and avail the best discount available at the current time.

If you have purchased the above coolers then do let us know your review and opinion about which one has been doing better for you so far. Also, if you have any further questions to ask before making the purchase then feel free to shoot them in the comments below and we shall reply you and guide you through your purchase.

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