About Us

So, you finally interested in knowing us. Well, there is nothing much we can tell. Apart we are obsessed with Coolers & Ice Chest technology. A few months back when I was planning my camping trip, get across a problematic issue how we will gonna make our beers and food fresh on a week-long trip.  Finally found that there is a product which we call Ice chest is pretty handy and made for us. From them, we have tested almost every brand. Although our favorite is Yeti & Pelican.

Apart from this, I am a digital marketer from the past few years. So, I got the idea to make a helping blog for people like me “looking for best coolers”. Here you will get the best cooler reviews, how to use them.

Our Team: We are 5 people team as of now. You will know more about them soon.

You can start without best reviews: Yeti as best cooler brand

If you want a Wheeled cooler, see: Best Coolers with Wheels in 2020

You can contact us via this page.