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Best Beach Coolers

Best Beach Coolers 2021: Summer is the time we wait for going out to the beach. Enjoying time out in the sun can be all fun and pleasure. One main thing in this scenario is that we want to keep our food, drinks, and beverages cool and fresh. No one wants to eat spoiled food and have warm drinks. But this is very much difficult if you don’t have an appropriate cooler. So, to keep your beverages and drinks cool and fresh a beach cooler is a must.

Every cooler serves different types of purposes. The beach coolers also have different features. They are generally lower cost than other high-end coolers or ice chests.

In this article, we will have a brief description of the features we need to check in an ideal beach cooler. Then we will give you a detailed description of all the specs in the best beach coolers currently available in the market, especially on Amazon.

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Beach Cooler Reviewed
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Coleman 16-Can Soft Beach Cooler Check Price on Amazon
YETI Hopper Two 20 Portable Beach Cooler Check Price on Amazon
Wildhorn Tortuga Tote Beach Bag Cooler Check Price on Amazon

How to Choose Best Beach Coolers: Buying Guide

Before buying a perfect beach cooler according to your family requirements, you need to keep a few important points in mind. Below here are the given points you need to look for:

  • Ice retention

One of the major requirements of people looking for beach coolers is ice retention. As the cooler will be open to the scorching heat of the sun. The longer they can hold onto the cool temperature, the more beneficial it is for them. If you go for a week-long outing far away from your home, you would want your beverages and drinks to be safe and fresh inside the cooler. No one wants to have spoiled food and warm drinks that can cause harm to them. If the temperature inside the beach cooler is low then your beverages and drinks will be saved. To ensure this facility, your chosen ice chest should have longer ice retention.

Also, if you are only going out for an evening, choose an ice chest with 2-3 days of ice retention. As the continuous opening of the cooler and heat of sunlight will melt the ice inside it quickly.

  • Storage size

The size of your beach cooler majorly depends on the size of your family. More the numbers of family members, more large will be the ice chest. For example- a family of about 5 members can choose an ice chest of 60 quarts. It will be sufficient for them.

One of the most important things to keep in mind before buying your ideal beach cooler is to remember that ice will also take place. People tend to buy their cooler in accordance with the things they are going to place in it. But they forget that the ice will also be there. So, it’s advisable that you keep a larger size cooler than your drinks and beverages quantity.

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  • Mobility

If you want a beach cooler, a wheeled ice chest is not much recommended. As the beach mainly covers the area in the sand and there is a high risk that your ice chest would be stuck in the sand. For a beach cooler featuring a comfortable and effective carrying method can be extremely important.

A beach ice chest with rotating side handles and partnering up to carry the heavy load is highly recommended for going on terrain which is not so wheel- friendly.

  • Toughness

A beach cooler goes through several environmental challenges that other general ice chests don’t have to go with. A beach cooler has to face extensive heat of the sun, exposure to abrasive sand, and also exposure to salty beach water. All these cans in a composition can affect your product very badly.

If you want to use a beach cooler for a long time, we recommend you to go for a high- end product with premium materials and construction. It is also advisable to keep an eye on the movable parts of your ice chest and clean them whenever it is exposed to the sand. As sand can get stuck in the hinge and latch mechanisms and potentially affect their seal integrity.

  • Item accessibility

When you are on a beach with your family, you would want to spend most of your time with your family only. You will not want to spend time searching for drinks and beverages in your ice chest. A beach cooler with a narrow lid and deep cavity is highly not recommended. It will make you waste most of your time searching for things only.

A beach cooler is typically more open than any other cooler, as every now and then people want to grab a drink or something to eat. A beach cooler should have features like wide lids and categorized sections. Mini access lids are also definitely preferable.

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List Of Best Beach Coolers in Market

In the market out there, there are several types of beach coolers available. In this article, we have made a list of the best beach coolers available on Amazon. We will have a detailed description of the beach ice chests. And based on your requirements and favorite features you can choose the best among them.

YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler

YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler

YETI is one of the biggest names in the market when we talk about coolers. This YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler is one of the best ice chests available in the market. It comes in various sizes to fit your various needs. The dimensions of this product are 11× 8× 10 inches (length× width× height). It weighs about 3.4 pounds/ 1.54 kilograms.


  • The YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler is an original 100% leak-proof product.
  • It can be said to be a very durable product as the Hooper’s high- density fabric is resistant to mildew, punctures, and UV rays. 
  • The liner is made from an FDA- approved food-grade material.
  • The ColdCell insulation is very good as the closed- cell rubber foam offers superior cold- holding than any other ordinary soft cooler.
  • This beach soft cooler has a capacity of up to 6 cans plus ice.
  • It features a hydro lock zipper, i.e. it has the highest performing waterproof and leakproof zipper in the world.
  • For great accessibility and visibility of contents, it has a wide- mouth opening.
  • It can face any situation that it is put into for a full day.
  • It has a hitch point grid. It can easily attach anything, including the MOLLE Zinger, MOLLE Bottle Opener, and SideKick.

RTIC Beach Cooler

RTIC Beach Cooler

The RTIC is considered to be one of the biggest competitors of YETI in the market of coolers. In the criteria of beach cooler also RTIC Beach cooler gives a tough competition to YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler. The RTIC Beach Cooler is an ideal beach cooler with all the required features embedded in it. The dimensions of this product are 20.6× 16.1× 14.8 inches (length× width× height). It weighs about 20.5 pounds/ 9.3 kilograms.


  • The RTIC Beach Cooler has a roto- molded construction.
  • It has heavy duty stainless steel latches.
  • It has a freezer grade gasket which has magnificent ice retention.
  • It has a great storage space, it can hold up to 24 cans plus ice.
  • It also has molded tie down slots.
  • This beach cooler has up to 3 inches of insulated walls to face any severe circumstances it is put into.
  • It has a non- slip feet so that it can stand still in sandy beaches too.
  • For safety issues, it has an integrated locking system.
  • This product is also bear resistant so that if it is attacked by any unwanted beings, it’s still sturdy and no harm is caused to it.
  • It has an attractive rapid V- drain system.
  • The beach cooler has no fail hinges.
  • It has a non- sweat exterior, i.e. it will not leak or spread water particles outside the ice chest.
  • With molded side handles it has a cool life design. It makes your grip easier and comfortable.
  • The RTIC Beach Cooler is an ideal ice chest for everyday use and can be taken to work, camping, hunting, or fishing.
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Coleman 16-Can Soft Beach Cooler

Coleman 16-Can Soft Beach Cooler

The Coleman has made its legacy in terms of cooler production. The Coleman 16-Can Soft Beach Cooler is extremely handy and easy to use cooler. It is the perfect soft beach cooler for people with an active lifestyle and who don’t have much time to prepare for outings. The dimensions of this product are 7.87× 11.81× 11.02 inches (length× width× height). As it is a soft cooler, it’s very light weight. It weighs about only 1.7 pounds/ 771 grams.


  • The Coleman 16-Can Soft Beach Cooler as the name suggests can hold 16 cans in a single place.
  • To resist odor, mold, mildew, and fungus, it is treated with anti- microbials.
  • It features a removable liner that offers packing flexibility and easy cleaning.
  • The zippered main compartment keeps the contents cold.
  • You can use a hard plastic liner if packed with ice. Also, there is no need for a liner with ice substitutes.
  • For comfortable hands- free carrying there is the presence of an adjustable shoulder strap.
  • For added storage, there is a front zippered pocket, 2 side mesh pockets, a dry storage pouch, and lid bungees.
  • This soft beach cooler prevents leaks by heat-welded seams.
  • This product is perfect to take for picnics, BBQs, camping, sporting events, tailgates, etc.

YETI Hopper Two 20 Portable Beach Cooler

YETI Hopper Two 20 Portable Beach Cooler

The YETI Hopper Two 20 Portable Beach Cooler is another magnificent product of the YETI brand. It is a bigger and better product than it’s basic Flip Portable Cooler. It will cost you a little extra in your pockets too. But with the upgraded features, this YETI Hopper Two 20 Portable Beach Cooler is worth purchasing. The dimensions of this product are 22× 10× 16.5 inches (length× width× height). It weighs about 8.2 pounds/ 3.7 kilograms.


  • The YETI Hopper Two 20 Portable Beach Cooler is a durable cooler and can be used for a long period of time.
  • If you want a beach cooler with the best ice retention capacity then it is the best choice. It can hold ice for days.
  • It is a tough and portable beach cooler that can be hauled anywhere.
  • It has a more accessible opening. You can put in and take out your commodities with ease.
  • It has a tapered body that makes the extended hauling more comfortable.
  • This product features a waterproof DryHide Shell.
  • The nearly indestructible straps will stand up strong against any situation it is put into.
  • The HydroLok zipper featured in it is completely leakproof. 
  • It totally eliminates the spilling of water and locking in the cold.

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Wildhorn Tortuga Tote Beach Bag Cooler

Wildhorn Tortuga Tote Beach Bag Cooler

The Wildhorn Tortuga Tote Beach Bag Cooler is a budget-friendly soft cooler bag. It is very much easy to carry. It is the best product for a one day use in the range of price it offers. The dimensions of this product are 4× 11× 14.9 inches (length× width× height). It weighs only about 1.9 pounds/ 861 grams.


  • The Wildhorn Tortuga Tote Beach Bag Cooler has a zippered 28.6 liters insulated cooler attached to an oversized tote, which makes it a two in one stylish design cooler.
  • It can keep drinks for up to 18 hours because of its 10mm of foam.
  • To make it leak-proof, it has been carefully constructed with a welded liner.
  • It can fit up to 10lbs of ice and 24 12 oz cans.
  • A 26L drawstring compartment is attached to the insulated cooler.
  • It is large enough to fit all your beach accessories like beach towels, snorkel masks, and sand castle tools.
  • There are two additional side pockets for storage of smaller travel items.
  • There is also a bonus obscure, a flat pocket at top of the cooler bag of 8.5 inches wide, and 7.5 inches deep.
  • It can be said to be a long lasting product as it is designed with a rubber coated mesh for durability.
  • For additional comfort, the Tortuga beach bag has a padded shoulder strap to soften the load. For a short or long strap, the comfort pad slides for the perfect fit.
  • Also, there is an attached bottle opener below the strap so you never have to worry about how you are going to open that bottle again.

Here the list ends for the best beach coolers/ ice chests available in the market, especially on Amazon. The YETI, Coleman, and Wildhorn all are big names in the market. Their products have always excited their customers to buy them.

But all these are different from each other. Every beach cooler serves a different purpose than the other one. Your need will let you decide your choice now.

best Beach cooler in 2021

Final Verdict

If you want a beach cooler for a whole weekend, you can go for the YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler. If you are looking for a complete ice chest with all the required features, RTIC Beach Cooler is the best for you. If you choose to opt for a not so high- end cooler and for a simple soft beach cooler, the ultimate choice should be Coleman 16-Can Soft Beach Cooler. If you are able to spend a little extra for your beach cooler, a go for the ultimate YETI Hopper Two 20 Portable Beach Cooler. If you are a little tight on budget and looking for a more comfortable and compact ice chest for an evening, the Wildhorn Tortuga Tote Beach Bag Cooler is the best choice for you.

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So for now this was all about the best beach coolers. We have given the detailed description above. For updates keep in tune!

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