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Bison Coolers Review

Formerly called Brute, Bison Coolers is one among the foremost popular cooler manufacturers on the market. In terms of size, they’re a touch of an underdog. But their fanbase is incredibly loyal. Just take one look on online forums – the Bison coolers Vs Yeti debate is fiery as if they were defending their favourite sports team.

In our opinion, bison coolers are one among the values effective in today’s cooler industry. Bison Coolers are playing the sport of ice chests a touch differently. They’re not targeting any specific demographic. They don’t have dozens of models available. They’re never playing by the book. And that’s exactly what people love about them. Bison is that underdog. They’re not an outsized company. They’re a small family run business. They ask their customers. They use their own products. Their models aren’t cookie-cutter versions of an equivalent cooler design, scaled for capacity. The appeal is clear. Bison makes it clear that once you support them, you’re supporting the American Dream. They say tons of companies when their customers believe them. What separates Bison coolers from the competition is that you simply get a top-quality, Made within the USA cooler that really performs, Making it the simplest cooler for the cash you’ll get in 2021. 

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Models DimensionsStorageIce
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Bison Cooler 25 quarts20.5″ x 17.5″ x 15″ 20 lbs 40-60 hours
Bison Cooler 50 quarts 30.5″ x 17.5″ x 16.5″34 lbs60-85 hours
 Bison Cooler 75 quarts  37.75″ x 17.5″ x 18″39 lbs80-125 hours
Bison Cooler 125 quarts 43.25″ x 21.5″ x 18.75″ 60 lbs125-150 hours

The main aim of the corporation is to form premium quality coolers which are at a manageable tag as compared to the high-end coolers offered by the competition. Today, second-generation Bison coolers are often found in many stores and may be purchased online, and their reputation is building and growing, so you’ll expect these American coolers to soon become one among the leaders within the market. The Gen 2 Bison cooler coolers are designed and built for max ice retention and for ultimate durability. Like all other premium coolers within the US, the Bison coolers are made via rotational moulding which eliminates any seams and weak points within the construction. The company uses very dense polyethene to form the moulded shell of the coolers which is formed to last a lifetime and to endure serious wear and tear.

Overview of Bison Cooler 2021

  • Sizes Available of Bison Coolers

Bison has released the second generation of their coolers, with four different sizes of Hard-sided Bison Cooler available, starting from 20 quarts all the high to 125 quarts. The 25-quart cooler is ideal for trips to the beach, day trips or road trips since it holds 21 cans – with ice. The 50 quart and 75-quart sizes are great multi-use coolers for weekend camping trips, family get-togethers and fishing. the most important cooler they create, the 125-quart cooler may be a must-have for hunters, fishermen, and other people trying to find the last word capacity. Many of us even use a cooler like this size for a back-up fridge within the event of extended power outages. you’ll see the complete dimensions of the coolers below.

In general, we typically recommend either the Bison 50 quart or 75 quarts, since they’re the foremost versatile sizes you’ll get. The 75 quart fits in most SUVs but if it’s too big the 50 are going to be perfect. Of course, consider the 125qt Bison cooler if you propose to try larger hunting or fishing trips. 

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  • Bison Coolers Insulation & Ice Retention

Bison’s first generation of coolers used a touch less insulation than a number of their competitors. 2 inches is usually the quality, and that they used that on the lid. But, the edges were just one inch and 5/8. As a result, they had poorer ice retention than their competitors.

The new and improved second generation of Bison coolers has 2″ of insulation, providing completely comparable ice retention to their competitors, up 7 days! this is often far more according to many other coolers on the market. Of course, there are many various factors which will affect ice life, but you’ll expect quite 6 days in almost every scenario.

One neat feature that Bison Coolers have is that although the coolers are available in several colours in order that you’ll pick one that speaks to you, the lids of the darker colours are still white. This enables darker coolers to supply equivalent ice retention because the light coolers, by reflecting all that heat from the sun, keep everything inside your Bison cooler ice cold. 

Detailed Aspect of Bison Coolers

The Bison cooler coolers (Gen 2) are available sizes: 25, 50, 75 and 125 quarts. They are available in white, olive, tan, red or grey colours but you’ll customize your American made Bison cooler with one among the various available lid decoys or logos if you favour a customized cooler to reflect your personality and your personal taste and preferences.

Features of Bison Coolers

Here are a number of the most aspects to see for the second generation Bison ice box coolers.

  • Roto-molded shell

These coolers are all made from top-grade polyethene, which is moulded together single piece, with none seams, glueing or other attachments which may become weakened over time and use.

All of the leading premium cooler makers within the US use this technology for his or her icebox coolers, but their products are sold at a better price than Bison.

  • The Insulation technology

The people from The Bison Company have made their own 2-inch thick polyfoam insulation system and material which is employed for insulating all of the Bison ice box coolers. Comparisons with a number of the opposite leading brands within the industry show that Bison’s coolers have spots where the insulation may be a whole inch thicker than that of the competition. And in fact, the thicker the insulation, the longer the ice retentive properties of the cooler are going to be.

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  • Duration of ice retention

The coolers are designed and made to retain the ice for up to five days if the cooler is left under the scorching sun and for up to every week when the temperatures aren’t as high. Of course, the ice life varies counting on the dimensions of the cooler. The littlest 25-quart cooler will retain the ice for about 40 hours, and therefore the largest 125-quart model will retain the ice for a whopping 160 hours.

  • The Latches

The specially designed cantilever latches are one among the foremost distinctive features of the Bison coolers. These latches are easy to open and shut, and yet will provide the pressure and force required to stay the icebox perfectly sealed and thus prevent the transfer of temperature from outside in and from inside out.

In fact, these lid latches are tested and have resisted quite 170 lbs. of force, and thus you’ll make certain that they’re going to resist tons of opening and shutting over time, and won’t break down just like the latches of other coolers.

Your Bison cooler will instantly be recognized because of these unique and straightforward to open and shut latches, which are so different from the normal T-latches employed by the competition.

  • Rope Handles

The side rope handles are easier for one or two people carrying the cooler. There are moulded handles on the chest too if you prefer to use them rather than the rope handles.

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  • The Gasket

The new generation of Bison’s coolers has silicon, shark fin gaskets which can allow the lid to be perfectly sealed to the shell and to stay all of the cold insides, and therefore the heat out of the cooler.

  • Oversized Drain Plug

The large drain plug makes flushing out the water from the cooler a fast and straightforward task. the twin drains of the most important cooler by Bison also because the useful built-in measurement ruler on each cooler makes it easier to stay an eye fixed on the water level and help keep the cooler cold or empty it once you are able to head home.

  • Slip-Resistant Rubber Feet

The cooler will stay steady and safely in situ because of its rubber non-slip feet.

  • A lockable lid

The lids of the Bison cooler are often locked in order that you’ll prevent theft or unauthorized opening of the cooler.

  • The flush mount hinge

Thanks to the aluminium rod which spans the whole body of the cooler, you won’t need to worry about the lid getting detached from the chest, and about the hinge ever failing on you.

  • The Aesthetics

The Bison coolers may look plain and straightforward, but because of the first Bison latches, the X design on the face, also because the built-in Bison logo on the lid, these coolers look pretty cool, and may easily be recognized. Just the very fact that Bison coolers don’t have the normal T-latches which most other roto-moulded cooler coolers have makes them quite unique and distinguishes them from the opposite leading US cooler brands.

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  • Made within the USA and backed with an extended and full warranty

All Bison cooler coolers are proudly made in America and are backed with an extended 5-year warranty by the Bison Company. the corporate can pay you your refund if you’re not 100% satisfied with its products!

The warranty offered by the corporation includes every single part of the coolers, including the latches, the rubber feet, the hinge, and therefore the handles and almost anything which will fail for these 5 years.

Bison Coolers Review

Bison Soft-Sided Coolers

The variety of Bison soft-sided coolers is even lesser. Bison calls their soft-sided coolers “SoftPak Cooler Bags” and features a 12 can and 24 can option available. In terms of litres, these convert to roughly 18 and 32 litres, respectively. Again, while there aren’t plenty of product sizes to settle on from, the sizes that are available hit the foremost popular desired sizes that we’ve seen most consumers trying to find. The Softpak is Bison’s soft cooler offering. It’s highly compact, lightweight, and portable just like any other affordable coolers on the market. Although the insulation isn’t quite as heavy-duty as their roto-moulded coolers, it’s still got impressive cooling abilities.

  • Tear-resistant 1000 denier vinyl exterior
  • Leak Proof zipper
  • UV resistant
  • 1″ insulation keeps ice for twenty-four hours
  • 12 can or 24 can capacity 
  • 4 colour options: black, blue, pink, tan (above)
  • Molle webbing for dry storage
  • Customizable with logo

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The Bison SoftPak is meant primarily for drinks. they’re available with a capacity of either 12 or 24 cans. The insulation is wrapped in durable vinyl, and therefore the quality is beyond anything we’ve seen during this price category. The sole other soft coolers that possibly compete is the ice bear, but it’s got a canvas exterior, while the Bison features a vinyl exterior. this is often one among the sole soft coolers still made within the USA, so you’re definitely getting something unique with the Bison SoftPak

Load it up with ice, and you’ll be good for a minimum of 24 hours. In our eyes, this is often very impressive. We’re not even sure if we could make our beer last 24 hours, so it’ll certainly serve its purpose if you’ll keep ice for that long. These soft Bison Coolers would likely be the last ones you ever purchase. 

From a visible standpoint, the Bison SoftPak cooler has more visual appeal than anything we’ve tried before. The vinyl features an alright made appearance thereto, and there are several colours to settle on from. This is often an excellent add on to your roto-moulded icebox, enabling you to throw a couple of beers in it and hit the lake for each day.

Bison Coolers Review

Wrapping it up

Bison coolers have brought something simple yet effective Coolers within the industry. With not such a huge variety, Bison coolers manufactured different coolers consistent with different storage sizes but the thing that seems so impressive is that they had used a typical storage capacity consistent with the customer’s need. Bison cooler is far better for those that want to travel on a brief trip and at an equivalent time keeping their budget compact. In such a price range, the superior build quality is another addition that has got to not be taken without any consideration.

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