Best Dometic Coolers 2020 | Powered & Non Powered Ice Chests Review

best Dometic coolers review

Today we are talking about one of the most interesting cooler brands available in the market. Dometic coolers are most popular as well, people use Dometic Coolers worldwide. Dometic Coolers are mostly specialized in powered and electric coolers. Some coolers are ‘powered coolers’ which are more powerful and efficient. In recent times, Dometic Coolers have also started to launch non-power coolers in the market which are available at cheaper rates

You read that the Dometic Cooler has also started to launch nonpower coolers. There is actually a great difference between powered coolers and nonpowered coolers. As powered coolers have power support they can keep your items cool for a much longer time than the traditional coolers. But the traditional cooler owners don’t need access to the specific sort of power source required for their cooler. Even power coolers do cost much more than the traditional coolers.

Both types of coolers have their own advantages and disadvantages. This article is not about the comparison between the powered and traditional coolers but it is about the Best Dometic Cooler available in the market that suits you the best. Maybe this article will help you to switch to a new cooler or to buy a new one. We will discuss the coolers, their features, and other essential information. Let’s jump into this:

Best Dometic Powered Coolers – Review 

Dometic Powered Coolers are special coolers designed with mobile customers in mind. Mobile customers mean those customers who travel a lot. Dometic Powered Coolers are mostly for long-distance travel in cars, trucks, RVs, and even boats. 

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1. Dometic CFX 50W 

Dometic CFX 50W is an all in one power-packed ice chest. It has the best features like temperature control, energy-efficient and more portable. The cords are a bit short and must be expensive. It also has a power protection mode and easy monitoring application which makes it more attractive. 

Capacity and Temperature- it is claimed to have a capacity of 46L and a temperature range of -8 to 50 F and also have both AC and DC power cords. Temperature controls of this chest are impressive as it cools faster than others, it goes from room temperature to -8.9 F in just 5 hours approx. This model has good abilities to control the temperature which is quite impressive also. 

Energy Consumption- As it has energy consumption modes and gobbles up energy. It uses just slightly more energy than some other energy-efficient models- 51.8 watts vs 50.0 watts. Use of application to control your domestic charges 2-5 watts extra power that helps to keep wifi connections on. 

Easy to Use- It has a low and squatty shape which makes the content spread more than stack on the top of one another. This makes every item visible inside it and you don’t have to find anything that might be stuck in the lower section. Special protruding handles are provided to lift the internal basket. Other than this internal light is also provided which is easy to replace. 

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2. Dometic CF 18 

Dometic CF 18 is a one day trip cooler. It is a single zoned power cooler that is used in small spaces and trips. It is ideal for single or couple use, can’t hold more than that. It can be useful while going to the beach or park or anywhere around your town. This Dometic cooler features a quick charge facility, so you don’t have to pre-cool your stuff. 

Capacity and Temperature- It has 18L capacity of holding stuff and can freeze to 0 on a single zone cooling compartment. You don’t have to buy ice again, you can simply freeze your own as it provides a 0 F freeze facility. 

Low Power Consumption- Dometic Cooler features low power consumption with DC allows you to go the distance without worrying about a dead battery. It also features a Dynamic Battery Protection system that automatically shuts the product off to prevent a dead starter battery and improves battery performance. 

Input Voltage- It provides an input voltage (DC) of 12/24V. It has a PU (Polyurethane) insulation type and also features interior lights. 


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Best Dometic Non-Powered Coolers – Review

It is confirmed by the name that it is not a powered cooler and runs on traditional techniques. If you prefer to use standard coolers, Dometic coolers have the main focus of non powered coolers on their site. There are some amazing Dometic traditional coolers available in the market for use. Dometic selection of large-sized coolers has been named as Patrol Series, the anime was chosen as a way to represent that these ice chests are built for freedom lovers.

Dometic Patrol 105 Qt

1. Dometic Patrol 105 Qt

The company says that this Domestic Cooler is not just a traditional box but it is more than that. Dometic Patrol coolers are built to last trips after trips. They are non powered coolers so you don’t have to think twice about power and cords. It has thick PU insulated walls, single piece rotomolded construction design, and a full-length hinge pin. 

Weight and Size Dimensions- It weighs around 52 pounds and has size dimensions of 44.9 x 18.8 x 18.1 inches. 


  1. It has the capacity to hold up 81 Cans plus ice.
  2. Thick PU insulation keeps the ice cool for days without any issue.
  3. Large, leak-proof drains are featured which can be cleaned easily. 

It also has some smart features like a leak-proof drain, deep-freeze lid seal, and one-hand rubber latches that make the Patrol coolers an ultra-functional product.

2. Dometic CF110 

Dometic CF 110  is the most advanced Dometic Cooler of Dometic CFF series. It features amazing specifications. The special feature of this Dometic Cooler is that it keeps your favourite item cold without the need for ice. Dometic CF110 is a portable freezer that can easily convert the power from AC to DC while cooling. It has a smart battery management system that prevents dead battery issues. 

Design- It offers a user-friendly design that gives great comfort to the users. There is a soft touch panel with a temperature control display. Coated metal baskets and carrying handles are removable that you can remove as per your comfort.

Temperature- It provides quick chill functions at a high-temperature environment i.e. -18° C to 10°C quick freezing.


  1. No ice needed.
  2. It has 3 stages of battery protection.
  3. A low power consumption system is provided using AC and DC. 

Dometic Coolers – Guide for Users (FAQs)

How good is Dometic Coolers Ice Life?

The Powered Dometic Coolers are really meant to be used with compressor and thermoelectric built-in systems. Powered Coolers can only keep. Up chilled items at a necessary temperature of 6 to 8 hours. Using powered coolers comes with the major disadvantages that you have to make sure that you have that adequate power supply required by the cooler. 

If we talk about coolers without the use of power, they are Traditional Dometic Coolers which are most likely to be used by everyone and are considered as a much better option. 

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Do Dometic Powered Coolers also have remote operating systems?

Yes, some powered coolers by Dometic provided remote controlling systems to the users which helps them to control the Dometic Cooler with a remote. Coolers like Dometic CFX-WD provide a remote feature to users. 

The remote display helps you to know the state of your cooler, you don’t have to take a peek at the temperature display all the time. You can just control the remote in your pocket. The remote features a display screen that shows the temperature level and power source conditions. You can even set alarm and battery protection settings. 

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Final Verdict

Dometic Coolers are manufacturing both powered and traditional coolers for users out there. They are good for a variety of purposes and are reliable to be used in different areas and in different climatic conditions. It depends on users which one suits them best powered and traditional cooler. 

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Traditional Coolers have their own advantages and Powered have their own. Different sizes are available so that you can find the one perfect for you or for your family. These coolers are used out there by many and maybe it’s time for you to buy one and level up your adventure experience. Dometic Coolers are easily available on Amazon.

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