Engel vs. Yeti Coolers 2021 – Review & Comparison

ENGEL VS Yeti Coolers

Both the Yeti and the Engel have true die-hard fans. This even goes to the extent of true blue fans who say “do not waste your money on a Yeti.” Some people have experienced faulty quality with both sorts of coolers. This is often where the solid warranty of both can be appreciated. If your only concern is ice retention, you’ll be happy to understand that both coolers can maintain ice for a full five days even in extreme temperatures. They are amazingly unmatched within the cooler industry and yet you’ll still get on the fence when it involves Yeti vs. Engel coolers.

For starters, both of those companies create one among the simplest coolers on the market, offer superior ice retention times and have products built to last, let’s first check out Engel to assist you opt.

While watching Engel coolers online, you’ll see that a lot of models might not have as many buyers because of the Yeti, but the general satisfaction of those who have bought Engels are high. a look through our full Engel Deep Blue cooler review will enter greater detail on why these coolers are a top choice for almost any adventures.

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When comparing Engel coolers vs. Yeti we’ve discovered that Yeti coolers perform slightly better, but Engel coolers offer you better value for money. In this head-to-head review, we’ll look in-depth at what makes these coolers different and which cooler is the better one to shop for. Read this review till the end to know exactly which cooler has to be chosen for your trips & parties.

Engel vs. Yeti Coolers - Review & Comparison

Introducing Engel Coolers (Overview)

Engel coolers have been in business for over 50 years, which suggests that you simply know you’ll depend upon their product AND depend upon their quality. Engel Coolers have been designed inorder to push the boundaries of what an excellent high-performance is meant to be. 

All Engel models are built to an equivalent high-quality specifications. Using Roto-molding technology, each cooler boasts a rugged, scuff-resistant shell injected with 2 full inches of dense polyfoam insulation. 

Non-marking, non-skid feet give the coolers superior traction, ensuring that the cooler won’t slide even on rough waters. Marine-grade draw latches backed with chrome steel plates and an airtight silicone gasket seal ensure maximum cold retention make Engel coolers uniquely suited to stay your cold items cold, hot items hot, and dry items dry. 

Easy-to-grip handles are inbuilt to every side of the cooler to supply a convenient grip for lifting. Additionally, rope handles are attached to every side for more carrying flexibility. Food grade plastic makes these coolers safe, stain-resistant, and straightforward to wash .

Engel company originates from Japan, manufactures in Thailand, and features a strong presence within the US , having invested substantial amounts here on our soil since the first ’90s.

Whether your needs are within the sporting arena like fishing, or simply for a celebration to stay food and drinks at an optimum temperature, you’ll come to understand the Engel line up.

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What sound capacity do these Engel coolers have?
  • Well, during a wide selection of sizes, you’ll find one that holds as little as 24 cans(300 ml each), along with additional 10lbs of ice.
  • Engel Coolers are available in a range of shapes and sizes, all built to an equivalent high standard. Whether you’re tailgating, day-hiking, or taking the last word hunting trip, Engel has the proper cooler for your needs.
  • The Engel 13qt Cooler is the smallest of the Cooler series, and it’s available in white, pink, tan, and grassland. The Cooler series also comes in 19qts and 30qts.
  • The Engel 25 DeepBlue Cooler is that the smallest of the high performance coolers, with a maximum length of 20.24”, a maximum width of 14.25”, a maximum height of 14”, and weighing only 18lbs, making it a perfect cooler for those seeking a compact storage solution.
  • For those wanting more room , the Engel DeepBlue series comes in several sizes. Ideal for an extended trek, the most important member of the DeepBlue family is the Engel 320, which weighs in at 98lbs.
  • The utmost length, width, and height for this model are 61 ¾ “ x 21 7/8” x 22 7/8”.

Pros & Cons of Engel Coolers
  • Pros
  1. They are cheaper than the choice models offered by Yeti.
  2. The roto-molded ice boxes have a sturdy construction.
  3. They have simple and yet efficient designs without all the bells and whistles.
  4. The larger coolers can retain ice for upto  10 days or more.
  5. The soft-sided coolers have vacuum valves which improve their performance.
  6. The hard sided coolers accompany a 10-year warranty.
  • Cons
  1. The hard sided coolers are on the heavy side, as compared to most others.
  2. Their latches aren’t as sturdy as those offered by Yeti.
  3. The top handles of the ice box coolers aren’t as comfortable to grab.


Introducing Yeti Coolers (Overview)

The Yeti line of Tundra coolers is one that you simply have quite likely seen within the past. If you’ve been buying high-quality, heavy-duty and highly functional coolers with superior ice retention, then we are confident you’ve encountered these before.

You may have seen a lover with one or seen them online, but there’s little question about it, they’re one among the simplest when it involves quality coolers.

These coolers were built out of need. They weren’t some big box company that DECIDED to form coolers.

The Seiders brothers were uninterested in coolers that couldn’t continue with the individuals that trusted them, in order that they decided to make the right cooler for his or her needs.

What sound capacity do Yeti coolers have?

Created from rotational molding, permafrost insulation and a no-sweat design, the Tundra series offers buyers capacities which will hold 20 cans and up to 222 cans (each of 300ml).

Pros & Cons of Yeti Coolers

  • Pros

  1. Excellent cooling capacity.
  2. Good quality sturdy latches.
  3. Very comfortable carrying options.

  • Cons

  1. Their price is sort of steep.
  2. The soft-sided coolers don’t have dry storage pockets.
  3. The hard sided coolers are sold with a 5-year warranty, which is twice as shorter than the warranty offered by Engel.

Engel vs. Yeti Coolers - Review & Comparison

Engel VS. Yeti Coolers Comparison 

Yeti Coolers Engel Coolers
More Organised. Cost Effective.
Manufacturing Country: USA Philippines. Manufacturing Country: Thailand.
Price is Higher than the other. Cheaper than the other.
Architecture build: Roto- Molded. Architecture build: Roto- Molded.
Warranty Period: 5 Years. Warranty Period: 3 Years.
Ice Retention: 5-7 Days. Ice Retention: 7-10 Days.
Certified: Bear Proof. Certified: Bear Proof.

Engel vs. Yeti: Ice retention challenge

Many ice retention tests are done through the years to work out which  cooler has the simplest performance when it involves holding ice. In a similar test between the Yeti Roadie 20 and therefore the Engel 25Q, the results showed that both small-sized hard sided coolers held the ice for about an equivalent time, with the Roadie 20 having a slighter edge over the Engel 25Q.

The Yeti Tundra 45 is really 37 quarts and features a 2-inch polyurethane insulation, paired with the freezer quality gaskets for creating an ideal seal. The development is one-piece roto-molded, so there are not any weaknesses and seams which may open up or start leaking over time.

The Engel Deep Blue 35 is additionally roto-molded and features a 2-inch polyurethane insulation on all sides of the icebox. The silicone gasket for freezers ensures that the lid stays tightly closed and thus the cold stays inside the ice cooler.

The Engel Deep Blue features a capacity of 35 quarts and features a lightly pitched floor which helps drain the cooler without having to maneuver the beverages, foodstuffs or other belongings you have inside.

It has multiple options for being tied right down to your truck, ground or other surfaces, so it doesn’t tip over. The ice retention of this icebox is one among the simplest consistent with a variety of field ice retention tests performed.

Both coolers will hold frost over to five days even in extremely popular temperatures of 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, the results which may be found from similar tests being performed show that the Engel ice box coolers can retain ice for nearly 10 full days, and therefore the Yeti coolers of an equivalent size have shown results which are very close – up to 9 days.

Engel vs. Yeti Coolers - Review & Comparison

Yeti vs. Engel Coolers Features

Yeti Coolers Features

  1. They are among the very best priced coolers on the market immediately.
  2. The Yeti cooler coolers are roto-moulded.
  3. They are made within the US and within the Philippines.
  4. The hard-sided coolers are certified as bear-proof.
  5. The cooler coolers from the Yeti Tundra series offered vary in sizes and model numbers from 20 to 350.
  6. The numbers of the models don’t correspond to their capacity and size but are just model numbers.
  7. They are sold with a 5-year warranty.
  8. The name Yeti is more popular and widely known thanks to the extensive marketing of the manufacturer.
  9. The coolers provide ice retention from 5 to 7 days counting on the dimensions and model.
  10. Yeti has been on the market since 2006.

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Engel coolers features

  1. The hard-sided coolers are roto-moulded.
  2. Their cheaper as compared to similar coolers offered by Yeti.
  3. They are made in Thailand.
  4. The cooler coolers are bear-resistant certified.
  5. The cooler coolers from the Engel Deep Blue series are available sizes from 25 to 320 quarts.
  6. The coolers will hold ice from 7 to 10 days.
  7. The Deep Blue ice box coolers are sold with a 10-year warranty.
  8. The coolers are more economical than those offered by Yeti.
  9. Engel has over 50 years of experience within the production of coolers and outdoor equipment.

Engel vs. Yeti: Products Comparison


– Engel Deep Blue ENG80 VS. Yeti Tundra 75

The Engel Deep Blue 80 quarts cooler and therefore the Yeti Tundra 75 are one among the larger sized hard-sided roto-molded coolers which are offered by the 2 companies. Here may be a comparison between the 2 which aims to determine which one is the better cooler.

The Engel 80 quarts roto-moulded cooler may be a large-sized ice box cooler which is obtainable at a really reasonable price. It’s a storage capacity of 75 quarts which suggests that you simply can delay to 60 cans alongside the ice needed to stay them cold for up to 10 days.

The large Deep Blue ice box cooler has incredibly strong premium hinges which help keep the lid open and standing upright in order that you’ll quickly undergo your provisions without fear about holding the lid at an equivalent time. The cooler by Engel has four tie-down points which you’ll use to tie the cooler to your truck floor or to your boat if you’re using it as a marine cooler.

The Yeti Tundra 75 features a smaller capacity of about 72 quarts and may delay to 50 cans with tons of ice to keep them cool for days. it’s incredibly sturdy so you’ll even use it as a chair without fear about damaging it. it’s T-shaped latches which make sure that the lid is closed safely and snugly after each use. It even has padlock holes, so you’ll lock your cooler to stay your provisions safe.

Both large-sized coolers are advertised to supply ice retention of up to 10 days, and there’s little question that with sufficient ice, and proper use, also as by keeping them out of the direct sunlight, they’re going to be ready to hold your beverages and food cold for up to 10 days.

The slight differences within the capacities aren’t as relevant because both coolers are large sized and have excellent ice retention qualities. As for the safety , Yeti Tundra 75 has higher quality latches and an option for locking the cooler, so it’s little question the cooler with the higher security options of the two.

The Engel HD30 vs. the Yeti Hopper Two

The next comparison is between two of the smaller personal coolers offered by the 2 manufacturers – the Engel HD30 and therefore the Yeti Hopper Two. The Engel HD30 maybe a spacious personal cooler which may fit up to 24 cans alongside 10 lbs. of ice. It’s highly portable and is ideal for each day at the beach or for one-day or two-day trips.

It has a sturdy, heavy duty zipper which seals the most insulated compartment alright , also as a special vacuum valve which helps remove the surplus air from the insulation interior and thus improves the cooling performance.

You can choose among the varied carrying options when it involves the Engel HD30 because it features a comfortable padded strap , two side handles and one handle on top. The cooler can hold ice and keep your food and beverages cool for up to 4 days, and even more if you employ it and pack it right.

The Yeti Hopper Two is another versatile cooler which may retain ice and keep your drinks and food cool and fresh for up to three days or maybe more, counting on what proportion of ice you pack. The perfect proportion suggested by Yeti is to pack 2 lbs. of ice per pound of food.

The Hopper Two is incredibly comfortable to hold and to use. The opening of the most compartment is zippered and is extra-large for straightforward and quick access. It has a capacity of holding up to 24 cans and therefore the ice you’ll have to keep them cool for up to three days. It has a water-proof exterior.

Overall, both personal coolers have an equivalent capacity of carrying up to 24 drink cans alongside the ten lbs. of ice to keep them cold. Neither of the coolers has a further dry storage pocket. As for ice retention time, because of its clever vacuum valve, the HD30 will hold ice for up to 4 days, while the Hopper Two will retain ice for about 3 days or a touch longer.

Although the Engel HD30 is more efficient as a cooler, the Yeti Hopper Two has the better and better accessibility option, because of the massive zippered opening.

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But since the amount one priority for people purchasing coolers is to make sure that their drinks are cool and their food is fresh and safe to eat, the winner of this round is the Engel HD30 which beats the Yeti Hopper Two by an entire day when it involves ice retention.

When Quality is Considered: Engel Vs Yeti

Engel may be a company that has been committed to keeping your necessities cold for nearly 50 years. they provide a spread of cooler styles. Engel focuses on coolers that have 2 inches of insulation to stay foods, bait, fish, and more cold for days, even during the foremost extreme temperatures. Engel coolers have a guarantee of up to 10 years.

Yeti Coolers became a really popular choice for everybody since they first went into production in 2006. they’re built with the intense hunter’s, campers, tailgaters, and backyard barbecue enthusiasts in mind. These coolers offer a spread of sizes. they’re all made from high quality materials, which is protected by its 5 year warranty.

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Engel vs. Yeti Coolers - Review & Comparison

Bottom Line:

As you’ll see, the coolers offered by two of the foremost recognized names within the cooler production industry – Yeti and Engel are quite similar when it involves quality, performance, ice retention, and features.

Overall, both the Yeti and therefore the Engel coolers are of superb quality and can do the work they’re meant for – to keep your beverages cold and to keep your food fresh and safe once you are enjoying time outdoors, traveling or doing the other outdoor activities.

So, it’s a matter of private preference which cooler brand is best , but whichever you select , we are sure that you simply are going to be proud of your purchase, as both Yeti and Engel are known to form a number of the simplest coolers within the US and within the world!

Until then Keep Enjoying with your Dear Ones… 

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