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Grizzly Cooler Reviews

Grizzly Coolers are one of the most powerful and popular products produced by Grizzly. Grizzly Coolers are famous among people because they provide the best features at low prices. This brand comes with huge and impressive products. Grizzly always tries to launch something which is unique and innovative. Grizzly coolers are not as popular as YETI Coolers or Igloo Coolers but these have certainly raised the bar when it comes to manufacturing high-end rotomolded coolers.

Grizzly coolers are certainly the right choice for people who don’t want to spend hefty shells but at the same time, do not want to compromise with the features. These coolers even come in different sizes and colours which gives you a variety to choose from. As you can guess by the name, Grizzly coolers have become a go through brand when it comes to camping, hunting, or fishing particularly. With a wide range of options, you can select the perfect one for you by observing points like storage capacity, features, and of course, Price will not be a concern anymore. Grizzly became famous for making premium hard-side coolers but now they are also specializing in soft side coolers and are producing one of the best in the market. 

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Grizzly coolers come in a variety of sizes and each size has some specific features. Let’s review some of its types.

Best Grizzly Coolers -Review 

16 Quart Grizzly Cooler (Small Size Cooler)

This is a small size cooler that is made for personal use. The 16 quart Grizzly coolers are well effective to keep your stuff cool for 2 days. We can actually call these cooler handy. The 16 quart Grizzly cooler has non-skid feet on the bottom, rubber gasketed lid, and two closures to hold it tightly closed. The cooler even has a shoulder strap fixed with it so that you can easily carry your cooler and also keep your hands free. The cooler is well capable of holding up to 10 bottles or 12-13 cans with some ice. The cooler is available in many different colours like blue, green, orange, white, tan, and sandstone. However, it is small enough to be carried as lunch while going office and can be used daily. 

20 Quarts Grizzly Cooler (Small Size Cooler)

The Grizzly cooler of 20-40 quarts is considered as the best cooler. These cooler have strong built and provides the best features that almost everyone needs. The cooler can be used on a regular basis. This cooler is perfect for a day trip, camping, or lunch for 2-3 people. The cooler is capable of holding ice for 4 days maximum. The cooler comes with a carry handle that swivels from front to back. Thus the cooler can be placed to the front or back out of the way of the lid of the cooler. The cooler can hold up to 15 bottles or 20-22 cans which looks fine for a 2-3 people group. This is one of the robust coolers we have tested by Grizzly. The 20qt is literally a shrunken down version of the larger Grizzly coolers and ice retention ability was certainly not compromised. The cooler comes in a variety of colour which is easily available in the market. 

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40 Quart Grizzly Cooler (Small Size Cooler)

The 40 quart Grizzly coolers are the most suitable coolers for everyday use. These coolers are perfect for a camping day, trekking, hunting, beach visit, or any other activity. This is the most practical everyday use cooler which has the capacity of holding ice for up to 5 days. This time span is actually more than enough for an everyday use cooler. The Grizzly 40 quart cooler has 2” drain, nonskid rubber feet, and the standard rubber gasket in its lid. It is been checked that the Grizzly 40 quart cooler can hold up to 56 cans/bottles very easily with ice and can hold them cool up to 5 days without any problem. These coolers are available in a variety of colours like green, sandstone, tan, and white. 

60 Quart Grizzly Cooler (Medium Size Coolers)

The 60 Quart Grizzly cooler can be considered as the medium size cooler by Grizzly. The cooler weighs around 26 lbs when empty. As this is a medium-size cooler it is suitable for overnight plans. The ice retention capacity of cooler matters a lot when it comes to overnight plans. Luckily this cooler provides the best among medium-size coolers. The 60 quart Grizzly cooler has the ice retention capacity of up to 7 days or even more (depends on climate and usage). Other than this as this is a 60-quart cooler it can hold up to 84 cans with ice. The cooler comes in a variety of colours like white, tan, red, pink, sandstone, grey, blue, orange, green. The large rubber feet are grippy, so the cooler won’t be sliding around in the boat or on the truck. 

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75 Quart Grizzly Cooler (Large Size Coolers)

If we decide to pick the most versatile and useful size of cooler by Grizzly, it would surely be the Grizzly 75 quart cooler. This cooler can be used perfectly for hunting, fishing, or camping. You can also use this cooler for gatherings or house parties. The 75-quart cooler is quite heavy for a beach plan. The cooler weighs 34 lbs when empty. It has a large storage capacity of holding up 95 cans along with 30 lbs ice. It’s big enough for almost every use you can think of, but still a manageable size to fit in most vehicles. The cooler has an ice retention capacity of 10 days or maybe more, depending on climate and usage. This is a grizzly proof design cooler. It is strongly built and has 2″ thick insulation walls on each side. The cooler comes in two colours i.e. white and tan. 

100 Quart Grizzly Cooler (Large Size Coolers)

If a 75-quart cooler is small for you then you can go with the 100 quart Grizzly Cooler. It’s tough as nails hold ice for over a week or more. It can also be used in small or medium games or house gatherings.  The cooler can hold up to 152 cans with 50 lbs ice. The ice retention capacity is also impressive as it can hold ice for up to 10 days. The cooler weighs around 38 lbs when empty. This heavy-duty cooler will be a perfect companion if you have a group of 7-9 people. The cooler comes in different colours like white and tan. The cooler has thick insulation walls and a strong locking system. The cooler is also grizzly proof, you can choose this cooler for camping without any second thought. 

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165 Quart Grizzly Cooler

165 Quart Grizzly Cooler (Large Size Coolers)

Now, we have reached the Grizzly 165 quart cooler. This is a heavy-duty rotomolded cooler that has a mass storage capacity. This cooler can be called the life of the party. If you are using this cooler then shortage of food and drinks might even not be a point on your list. The cooler can also be perfectly used for camping or hunting. You just have to fit this beast in your car and then just enjoy what you are doing. The cooler has an ice retention capacity of more than 10 days. This beast is capable of storing up to 504 cans along with 60 lbs of ice. The cooler weighs around 62 lbs when empty. Whenever you need to transport this cooler, you can easily do it knowing this cooler will stay airtight from the freezer style rubber gasket, and last you over a week of ice. The major plus point is that this cooler is even cheaper than another cooler available in the market with the same specs. 

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Grizzly Cooler Buying Guide


When we compare Grizzly cooler’s size with other big brands like YETI, we can observe that Grizzly Cooler is a bit larger than YETI and offer much space in every model. This is a huge difference and it is because when you buy a 40 quart Grizzly cooler, you get 40 quarts of internal storage. But when you buy a 40-quart YETI cooler, you actually get 37 quarts of storage as they measure 40 quarts externally. 

Built Quality 

The Grizzly coolers have a high quality built design. The coolers are grizzly proof and strong enough to bear heavy pressure. Construction involves starting with polymer beads and a moulded insulation shell. Grizzly coolers provide high construction quality at low prices which attracts users. Grizzly cooler provides rubber base, thick insulation, heavy handle grip, and all other top-quality qualifications.

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Cooling Capacity 

The cooler capacity of Grizzly coolers is also impressive as even the 16-quart cooler provides 2 days of ice retention. The maximum goes up to 10 to 13 days. Most of the Grizzly coolers have 2″ thick insulation walls on each side with a strong locking system with rubber grips. Grizzly has a nice large drainage valve in the bottom, which allows water to flow easily and efficiently. It is also important that the cooler should be completely full when you close it off. The more ice it has the best it will provide. 

Lifetime Warranty

This is the most attractive feature that Grizzly provides to all users. Every Grizzly cooler comes with a lifetime guarantee. This shows how much they are confident in their built quality. 

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