How to make Wheeled Cooler (Perfect Guide to build heeled Ice Chest)

make wheeled cooler

Guide to build wheeled cooler at home: The sun is out, the party’s on, and you have all the makings of a great day with your speakers, your grill, and your string lights. But if you are quite a traveler and lover to explore different places, you should be interested in converting your Ice Chest into Wheeled Cooler.

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In this article, we are going to a DIY guide with which you can convert your cooler into a wheeled cooler at home.

This guide will help you to make a Wheeled Cooler on your own, but if you don’t have time and resources. Here are the top off-the-self-wheeled coolers that you can buy online. Meanwhile, if you want to save some costing and even wants to try your building skills this guide is going to help you.

make wheeled cooler, cooler with wheels guide

To install wheels on your cooler, first, decide which type you’d prefer today we’ll look for a single axle system former which can be attached to the cooler’s tie-down slots in a matter of seconds, while the latter supports the cooler from underneath, and can be with fastened with straps for added security. Here we have a perfect Wheeled cooler making guide for our readers, you can also build a wheeled cooler from scratch or can get a wheeled Ice chest kit to help you out.

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how to make wheeled cooler

Installing An Axle Wheel System in Cooler – Step by step Guide

Step 1: Firstly, screw the pipe holders on the end sides of the cooler where the axle will go. Make sure they are aligned and screws are not too long will be installing the wheels opposite the drain. The wheels will raise the side of the cooler where the water can be easily drained.

Guide the strap included with the wheel kit through one of the holes on the front side of the bracket, then out through the adjacent hole. Pull the strap until ends are aligned and stretch it out to its full length. (Make sure there are no twists, folds, or snags in the strap).

Step 2: Secondly, you’ll find the small metal or plastic buckle at the far end of the long strap. Feed the loose end of the strap into the top of the buckle, then around and out the bottom.

Give it a quick tug to check that it’s secure. If it’s not, it may accidentally slip out while you’re pulling the cooler. (Most cam buckles can be released with the press of a button. This will make it easy to quickly remove the attachable wheel system as needed)

Step 3: Next, the setting of the cooler on the top strap. The cooler should be situated between the wheelbase on one side and the handle piece on the other. Slide the cooler until it sits flush against the wheel bracket. Adjust the positioning of the bracket to center it as much as possible.

Arrange the wheelbase so that the bracket is lying flat against the ground beneath the wheels. Fit the spacer, wheel, and fender washer on the other side. Leave about ¼” of axle beyond the fender washer and mark. This is where you’ll cut the axle. Cut the axle using a hacksaw or appropriate power tool of your choice. There should be 3-4 inches (7.6-10.2 cm) between the bottom of the cooler and wheel axle. The wheels and axle which I used came with black PVC spacers that it was able to re-use.

Step 4: Succeeding that, pull the strap down through the integrated tie-down slot. Drill a small hole for a cotter pin. You might be able to use the retaining nut or clip that came with the wheels. Insert the loose end of the strap from the outside. Once the strap is looped around the tie-down slot, pull it down sharply to cinch it and bring it closer to the axle.

The strap on some wheel kits may feature a separate tie-down insert piece. Use a cotter pin to keep everything in place. Or, a rig cotter pin from a piece of a coat hanger as shown. These can simply be fitted through the tie-down slot so there’s no need to thread the strap itself.

Step 5: Finally, attach the handle piece. Gently press the handle bracket up into the folded edge of the cooler on the underside of the opposite tie-down slot to fit it into place. Feed the clip or carabineer cord down through the slot, and then connect it to the looped end of the long strap emerging from the bottom of the cooler.

On coolers with rope handles, it may be necessary to pull down on the knots in order to create enough slack to make room for the handle cord. You might also be able to attach the clip to the cooler itself if your model features built-in straps.

Rope + Old hose = Handle 

If you don’t like the fact that the cooler will sit at an angle, cut a scrap of 2*4 to use as a leveling block. It’s small enough to toss in the cooler or Velcro to the side, etc.

So, this is all you need to make you cooler wheeled. Now let’s jump onto our best Axle Wheels for Hard Cooler Reviews and Guide. We have encapsulated the 5 best Wheel kits for our readers. You will be able to install these Wheel Kits easily into your Ice chest.

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Top 5 Kits to make a Cooler Wheeled (Cooler Axle Kits)

Here we are sharing our reviews for some of the best wheel systems available in the market. You can set up this Axle to your cooler with ease. We have also added some videos for installing these kits on your ice chest. These kits come with axle and installing materials only, you have to get an Ice Chest separately or you can check our best-wheeled cooler reviews.

Camco 51798-A Cart Kit-Transport Your Cooler

Camco Cooler Axle

Millside Industries Wagon Undercarriage

Millside Industries Wagon Undercarriage

Proline 401001 All-Terrain Cooler Conversion Tire Kit

All Terrain Cooler Conversion Tire Kit

This all-terrain kit is one of the best Cooler Wheels kits for your medium size Ice Chest. It can be used with a 50 – 60qt sized cooler. Installation is pretty much simple. You just need to join it to your cooler. This kit features all rubbered tires ready for heavy-duty.

  • Overall Width (Including Tire) 22.0″ (560mm)
  • Axle Mounting Width 15.84″ (402mm)
  • Tire Height 4.87″ (124mm)
  • Tire Width 2.86″ (73mm)
  • Axle Dia: 5/16″(7.9mm)


Badger Wheels – Single Axle Kit

Axel Wheels for coolers

This is the Badger Wheels kit for your ice chest. This kit comes with one Marine-grade 316 stainless steel which is pretty much strong heavy-duty coolers. The thing is this pack comes with one axle and another portion is supported by a handle or strap in order to move it. You can also 2 axles to get your ice chest balanced. Badger wheel kit is specially designed for the Yeti Ice chest. It can easily fit into your Yeti Tundra 35 to 160 size. So, this one is roughed, durable, and made for heavy stuff like camping and hiking.

The Original Badger Wheels Custom Wheels
  • Adjustable to fit YETI Tundra 35-160 coolers
  • Marine-grade, 316 stainless steel for strength, durability, corrosion resistance
  • Patented axle pegs lock wheels firmly into non-slip cooler feet
  • Rugged polyurethane wheels with aggressive tread
  • Negative offset rims minimize clearance and snagging
  • Handles loads in excess of 500 lbs

Here’s an installation Badger Wheels kit guide, make sure you watch it completely and follow each step. It’s one of the easiest kits to install.

Kahuna Karts Heavy Duty 9 inch Beach Wheel Axle Kit

Wheel kit for beach, ice chest cooler wheels

This Wheel Cooler Kit is made for beaches. You can easily install this kit with ease. It’s pretty much for bigger size coolers and supports all brands. It’s available in 30, 32, and 34 inches of size. It can be used in kayaks, paddleboards, and coolers as well. You can easily walk with your ice chest on the sand.

  • Combined Max Payload 240 pounds
  • Two Polyurethane Tires 9 inches high, 4 inches wide
  • Solid Aluminum Axle 3/4ths inches thick
  • Axle Length Option 34 Inch
  • Two Stainless Steel Cotter Hair Pins

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ORION Flip-Flop Cart Cooler Accessory

ORION Flip-Flop Cart Cooler Accessory

This is a removable Cart accessory for your hard cooler. It’s easy to install and remove. It can fit 35, 55, 65, and 85 qt cooler easily. This flip flop cart is made with quality material and you can expect some heavy-duty stuff from Orion as they also sell hard cooler. This cart is perfect for people who are looking for hiking and camping.

Hope you enjoyed our best Axle Cooler Wheels reviews here. You must be able to install Wheels in your hard Ice chest after reading this guide. If not, comment down your problems with your cooler brand and kit you are using. We will try to help you in making your cooler wheeled.

You’re done! Enjoy your Wheeled Cooler.

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