Best Hunting Coolers 2021 |Camo Ice Chests Review

Best Hunting Coolers & Camo Ice Chests

Hunting is an adventurous activity and demands precision. For hunting, you have to be equipped with several essential commodities. The camo ice chest is among one of them. It is very much essential to be carried when going for hunting or any other adventurous activity. Hunting coolers are of different types and serve different qualities. 

So, In this article, we were reviewing the top best-hunting coolers & camo ice chests by their categories, features, and buying guides.

Best Premium Hunting Coolers

Best Hunting Coolers

  • Yeti Tundra Coolers

If we talk about the best premium hunting cooler in the market, the first name that comes to our mind is Yeti Tundra Coolers. Yeti Tundra Coolers is one of the biggest brands in the market. They have the best products for hunting coolers. They feature almost every quality one needs to have in their camo ice chest.

Yeti Tundra Coolers have great ice retention. With their thick insulation, they can keep ice for days at a time with the larger sizes keeping ice for weeks at a time. These hunting coolers have an extremely durable roto-molded construction, with which it can be used for a longer period of time. It has non-slip feet so that the cooler won’t fluctuate from its place. It also has tie-down points to strap it to the vehicle. The cooler has a bear-proof structure so that it cannot be fatal in an attack. They have strong nylon rope handles for carrying heavy loads.

It comes in a variety of colors. It also has different sizes for different hunting purposes. If you have a small hunt, you can go for Yeti Roadie. If you have a medium hunt, you can go for Yeti Tundra 75. And if you want to have a large hunt, you can go for Yeti Tundra 125, Yeti Tundra 160. It comes with a 5- year warranty. The price ranges according to the size of the cooler. 

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ORCA Coolers

  • ORCA Coolers

ORCA Coolers is said to be Yeti’s biggest competition. They are made in the USA. The ORCA Coolers have better ice retention and also a better lifetime warranty than Yeti.

ORCA Coolers have the best ice retention capacity than any other hunting coolers. They can hold ice for 7-10+ days depending on the size and outside temperature. They come in a variety of colors, so you can choose one according to your style and choice. These coolers also come in a variety of sizes. For a regular hunt, you can go with the ORCA 75-Quart. For big hunts, you can go with the ORCA 140-Quart. One main feature that distinguishes it from other coolers is that it comes with a cargo net. The cargo net is attached for adding external storage. Their coolers are tough, durable, and completely bear-proof. Their coolers come with a lifetime warranty.

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Best Soft Hunting Coolers

Best Hunting Coolers

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  • Engel HD30 Cooler

If talking about soft hunting coolers, the best name comes is- Engel HD30 Cooler. This soft hunting cooler has one of the best ice retentions for any soft-sided cooler. It can hold ice for approx 4+ days. They are made with a ballistic nylon that makes it durable. So it can conquer any situation. It also has a waterproof zipper that will ensure no mess is done around the carrier. The 30-Quart size appeals to be of good capacity. 

Best Hunting Coolers

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  • RTIC Cooler (45-Quart)

If you are looking for a soft hunting cooler within a limited budget, the RTIC cooler of 45-Quart is your desired answer. This soft hunting cooler comes with thick insulation that promises to keep your ice retention period for a longer time. It’s also leak-proof with the waterproof zipper provided in it. The exterior of this ice chest is made from tough vinyl. Also, the reinforced base of this cooler ensures that it can go through all the rough terrain that comes with hunting. RTIC also provides different sizes of cooler. To carry it easily, a shoulder strap is being provided. 

Best Budget Hunting Coolers

Best Hunting Coolers

  • Lifetime coolers

If you want all of the desired features in your ice chest but you have a limited budget, don’t worry. Lifetime coolers provide you different sizes of products but with less cost. The Lifetime coolers come in a variety of sizes like- 28-Quart, 55-Quart, 77-Quart. If you are going for a small hunt you can choose among them. But if you want to have a big hunt, Lifetime coolers are not the best choice for you. As the Lifetime Coolers don’t provide you with a big capacity of the ice chest. They have a high ice retention capacity. It can hold ice for up to 7+ days and they also have easy to use cam latches. They are durable and completely bear-proof. They almost have the same features as the high-end hunting coolers such as- Yeti, ORCA, and RTIC but with a lower price.

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Best Hunting Coolers

  • Coleman Xtreme Coolers

The Coleman Xtreme Coolers offers you the cheapest hunting coolers among all others. If a roto-molded cooler is not your choice or not something you could afford, then Coleman Xtreme Cooler is your desired choice. It’s a regular cheap cooler but with upgraded qualities. The thick insulation makes the ice retention capacity for 5 days or more. It also got cup holders in the lid. Coleman Xtreme Coolers comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 50-Quart to 150-Quart

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Best Hunting Coolers & Camo Ice Chests

Best Hunting Coolers & Camo Ice Chest Features

Ice retention

One of the major requirements of people looking for hunting coolers is ice retention. The longer they can hold onto the cool temperature, the more beneficial it is for them. If hunters go for a long hunt far away from their home, they would want their meat to be safe and fresh inside the cooler. No one wants to have spoiled meat that can cause harm to them. If the temperature inside the hunting cooler is low then your meat will be saved. To ensure this facility, your chosen camo ice chest should have longer ice retention.


The size of the camo ice chest matters a lot. One should choose their size of cooler on the basis of several questions like- 

What are you hunting? If you are hunting for small animals you don’t need to have a big sized camo ice chest. But if you are going to hunt down some big animals, you need to have a large-sized camo ice chest. So on the basis of your hunting choice, you should choose your adequate size of the camo ice chest to store your meat properly.

What vehicle do you own? If you choose a big sized camo ice chest, you also need to have enough space in your vehicle, say car. So you should choose your camo ice chest on the basis of your vehicle’s space too.


In a good hunting cooler, you want it to be durable. If you are looking for a camo ice chest you would want it to face any extreme condition you put it into. Hunting can be done in any weather with varying temperatures. A durable camo ice chest would do great in these times.

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Some cooler brands are manufacturing camo ice chests with wheels on them. Having wheels on the hunting coolers will make things easy for the hunters as they can be carried easily. After a long tiring trek, you don’t have to carry that huge camo ice chest along with you. As now you can just drag it down to your destination with ease.


The Colour of the cooler has an important impact on the hunters. Hunters don’t prefer a cooler with bright colours that would let them be exposed. They go for some neutral and camouflaged coolers that would blend into whatever environment they have. This will ensure their safety.

Best Hunting Coolers & Camo Ice Chests

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This article was combined with all the best products on a different basis. Listing the best in premium hunting coolers to soft hunting coolers. Also mentioning the best one for your budget. You can choose the one among them according to the need of your hunt.

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