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Best Igloo Coolers

We all are aware of Igloo Ice Coolers and are also using them for ages. They are commonly used around the world for travelling, regular parties, etc. Even if you check you might have one in your garage. Ice Coolers work as a lifesaver in summers especially. Cooling technology is upgrading day by day and most of the people out there are actually not aware of this and still using their old Ice Coolers. There are several ice coolers in the market by different companies like Yeti and Rtic which offer so much impressive quality in their upgraded Ice coolers. They provide an impressive ice life of up to 7 days. 

 The Best Igloo Coolers

Yes, we can say the older Igloo Ice Cooler can not compete with them but Igloo has also stepped up their game and is making amazing Ice Coolers which are absolutely ready to compete in the market. They are well featured, well developed, and mainly well manufactured. Igloo is one of the most well known in cooler lines and has made millions of happy customers in this line. Let start with Best igloo coolers list:

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Igloo Sportsman 20 Buy Here
Igloo Super Tough STX  Buy Here
Igloo 55 Quarts Sportsman Cooler Buy Here
Igloo Trailmate Journey  Buy Here
Igloo Maxcold 52qt Buy Here
Igloo 15.8 qt Playmate Cooler  Buy Here

Top 6 Best Igloo Coolers – Review

Igloo Sportsman 20

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Igloo Sportsman 20

Igloo Sportsman 20qt is considered as the best Ice Cooler for the beach as well as it is considered as the best for day trips like going for fishing, heading to the beach, or any plan. It actually depends on the size that is required by the customer. It is a 20qt cooler and if this is your size limit you are reading about your perfect choice.

 Ice Life of the cooler should be best and trusted. Igloo Sportsman 20 has an expected ice life of 3-4 days. Although it depends on how frequently you open the lid and how much ice you put in. It has thick insulation and a rotomolded design which ensures that you will not get disappointed.


  • The size of the box is 20quarts and has a weight of 16lbs
  •  It is most preferable and suitable for Fishing, Barbeque, day trips, etc.


  • The thicker rubber latches with a 2” wide drain hole, non-slip rubber feet.
  • It also has 2 cupholders molded into the lid. 
  • Along with it the most important thing, the gasket on the lid which helps seal the cooler when closed. 
  • A hole is also provided to the lid which helps to lock it up.

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Igloo Super Tough STX 

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Igloo Super Tough STX 54quarts

Igloo Super Tough STX is a hybrid type of Ice Cooler that splits the difference between a roto-molded and a traditional ice cooler. STX doesn’t provide the same type of quality as provided by sportsmen. It can be assumed by size and price difference. 

It is suitable for events like camping, fishing, a short weekend trip, or a house party. But it is not that sufficient for a long journey.  You can expect an average ice cycle of 2-3 days. It can actually store ice for 4 days under some specific conditions. It is a 54quarts box that is quite big and has space for several lunch boxes, large water bottles can be fitted easily and even ice packs can be stored.  It has plenty of space for the user. 


  • The size dimensions are 22x12x12 inches.
  • The weight is 10lbs


  • Stainless steel hinges are provided, metal cables are there to hold the lid. 
  • You also have a brown color to choose from as it can be cleaned easily.
  •  It is durable and affordable. 

Igloo Super Tough STX 

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Igloo 55 Quarts Sportsman Cooler

If you are using 20 Quarts for a long time and now want to upgrade your box, you are reading about the right Ice Chest for you. You can guess the size easily when you are using 20 Quarts and think of purchasing 55 Quarts. 

Ice life is a major factor that everyone wants to know first. This Ice Chest offers an ice life of 5-6 days, plus it can be 7 in some conditions. You are carrying an ice chest which will be at your service for a whole week. You don’t have to worry about Drinks and lunch. This is one of the most impressive and valuable products you can get. 


  • The weight of this 55 Quarts chest is 26.8 lbs.
  • It has size dimensions of 18x17x31 inches


  • It has a thick rubber latch.
  • It has a latch hook for tie-downs and has a hole that connects the lid and tub for bear-proof locking, thick insulation, virtually indestructible roto-molded design, also available in tan.

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Igloo Trailmate Journey 

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Igloo Trailmate Journey 

This wheeled cooler is considered as the best top pick of Igloo Ice Chests. This is the all-round best cooler you can get. The storage and features will amaze you for sure. This Ice Chest provides 6 cup holders, many accessory holders, and a separate dry compartment. You can store ice, lunch everything for 6 minimum days. Sounds perfect for the trip, right? If you think of going to any rough areas like terrain, sand, etc. It even has a dry food basket and bottle openers. Other than this it has plenty of storage for you.


  • The Ice Life it offers is also amazing, it has an ice life up to 6 days maybe 7 also which depends on certain conditions like how you use it. 
  • It is a wheeled cooler that has never-flat tires and even has a stainless steel tow handle for easy towing. You don’t have to carry it all the time, just roll it wherever you want to go. 
  • This chest is ready with you as the wheels are designed to work perfectly under all rough conditions. This Ice Chest is a great option to choose from.

Igloo Maxcold 52qtCheck Price on Amazon

Igloo Maxcold 52qt

If you are looking for a wheeled ice cooler at an affordable price you are on the right way. Igloo Maxcold 52qt is an affordable Wheeled Ice Chest. This Ice Cooler has an ice life of 3-4 days. This is a great ice cooler as it provides amazing specs under this price range. 


  • This is a 52 Quarts coolers with 11 lbs weight.


  • It is good for camping, short trips, Barbeque parties, fishing, etc. People generally get attracted by its suitcase design which looks premium. 
  • Some features provided by this Ice Chest are that it has extendable handle pulls which make it a comfortable holding cooler, tilts the ice chest up, and then you can tow it around with ease. 
  • It may be a little difficult to pull it in sand or grass but still, the wheels are grain to take pressure in rough areas. 

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Igloo 15.8 qt Playmate Cooler Check Price on Amazon

Igloo 15.8 qt Playmate Cooler 

If you are not a trip person and just want a cooler for drinks and lunch, you should check this amazing Igloo 15.8 Quarts, Playmate Cooler. This Ice Cooler gives you enough space to carry your drinks and lunch with ice packs for a whole day.

This is an easy to carry ice cooler which is great for a day. You can store your beverages and lunch fresh but ice won’t last more than one day. This cannot be considered as a disadvantage as this cooler is specially designed for one day use and on that basis, it works absolutely perfectly. 


  • This size of this cooler is 15.8 quarts with size dimensions of 14x13x14 inches.
  •  It has a weight of 3.7 lbs which makes it easy to carry the product.


  • It can hold up lunch for 2-3 people easily and is a perfect companion for beach, picnic, one-day trips, backyard party, etc.
  • This is a great product at such an affordable price rate. 

Why do people like Igloo products?

The Igloo have many happy customers in the market. The reason for having so many happy customers is their best service and the best quality product. No matter if you are looking for a personal ice cooler or a family worth item, Igloo likely has a product that meets your requirement criteria. 

So you don’t have to think twice about your drinks and keep them cool. Either you think of camping outside or you plan to have a barbecue in your backyard. Let’s see some of the best Igloo Coolers and you can decide which one suits you best.

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Customer’s Review 

If we talk about the customer’s reviews, they are satisfied with the product they get. It depends on them what kind of product they choose. Even if someone needs a premium wheeled ice cooler but at an affordable price, it is also available. 

Igloo Cooler Reviews

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Final Verdict

Igloo provides a variety of Ice Coolers which are designed according to customer’s needs and requirements. The Ice Coolers we discussed above are only a few and there are much more available on Amazon. Customers can choose the perfect one according to their needs. The Igloo company is launching products that are loved by customers because of the quality they provide and also the accuracy of specs they show. They make sure that every customer meets his/her needs. Now it depends on the customer which cooler they choose as per their requirements. 

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