Best K2 Cooler Reviews 2021: Affordable K2 Ice Chest Buyer’s Guide

Best K2 Cooler Reviews

A cooler is a great appliance that assists you with keeping your food and drinks fresh and cool. If you think you would need a cooler only in summer, you’re wrong! Because, no matter how the climate is, you need your beverages and food items to be fresh and uncontaminated, don’t you?! You would need a cooler for different types of occasions, which include both indoor and outdoor events. If you’re an outgoing person, the need for a cooler is much higher.

For those of you, who regularly host parties in your backyard, go on hiking and trekking, join road trips, a cooler is something you must definitely possess. Even for simpler situations such as beer hangouts, a small size cooler is an essential appliance one must-have.

There are so many cooler brands and models out there, which makes it a little too difficult for you to choose the right one. But, to help you with such a complicated situation, we’re compiling some of the best coolers from a reputable brand, K2. Keep on reading to know more about K2 cooler review.

K2 Coolers – Why should you buy one?

K2 cooler ice retention
K2 Summit Cooler Ice Retention; Size vs. in no. of hours

When buying a product, one of the most important factors one should consider is the brand. It’s better to go with the reputed brand and its products. But, sometimes, you may also find some very good products from underdog brands. Anyhow, since this is K2 Cooler review, let’s talk about what makes K2 a reliable brand and things you should take care while buying a K2 Ice Chest.

  • High-Quality Products: K2 is highly famous among the consumers, for their top quality products which include a wide range of models. They use advanced technologies to build their products to ensure durability and reliability. Furthermore, K2 coolers are built with roto-molding technology, which makes their bodies very strong and almost indestructible. Additionally, K2 coolers are engineered with 3” insulation foam, which offers very good ice retention. Since many people carry around their coolers whenever they go outdoors, this aspect plays a major role. You don’t want your cooler to break down when you’re on a hiking trip, do you?!
  • Reasonable Prices: Alright, pretty much everyone considers this factor, whenever they’re shopping for a product. However, you shouldn’t just rely solely on the price aspect, when you’re buying a product. An ideal product is, which offers quality and still is available at an affordable price. That’s exactly what you get with K2 summit coolers. This is why this brand has become a fan favorite among the masses. With K2, you get to buy a great cooler at cheap prices.
  • Accessories: K2 also provides you with a vast array of accessories to choose from. You get the same quality with these accessories, as with the coolers. The accessories category range from simply bottle openers to baskets, down kits, padlocks, ice bricks, and many more. You can also buy K2 seat cushions as well. All these accessories are very affordable and of high quality build.

best k2 cooler review

K2 Ice Chest 2021: Features

Since you’ve learned about the K2 brand, it’s now time for you to know the features that you get with these coolers.

k2 cooler features

So, continue reading to educate yourself:

  • IceVault: To equip a better sealing mechanism, K2 coolers are integrated with a rubber gasket that keeps it cool inside and heats outside.
  • Endura: For better lid operation, these coolers come with an enhanced hinge system. It is equipped into the cooler, which is also connected with a strong metal rod.
  • Positrac: Rubber latches are being used to further strengthen the sealing operation, to ensure that ice retention is effective and efficient.
  • SUREgrip: K2 coolers are complimented with high-quality rubber feet, which ensure that the cooler is stable, even on the uneven surfaces.
  • Torrent: For draining mechanism, a silicon gasket and a drain plug are engineered into these coolers. Just with a slight turn, the coolant drains out the water.
  • EASYhaul: All K2 coolers, except Summit 20, offer integrated handles and rope handles for easier carrying of the appliance.
  • HOLDtight: For further safety and security of the cooler, specifically structured padlock holes and anchor points are embedded.
  • Shoulder Strap: The shoulder straps are available only with the 20 Quart model. They will help you carry the cooler easily and swiftly anywhere you go.

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7 Best K2 Coolers you can consider – Best K2 Ice Chest in 2021

Well, it’s time to get deeper and discuss some of the best K2 coolers available out there. Let’s hop on see what you get from each of these k2 summit coolers:

K2 Summit 20

K2 cooler Summit 20, hard cooler

The basic model of the K2 cooler series is Summit 20. If your needs are simple, could be the best option for you. Moreover, the price is very reasonable and cheap as well. It can hold 20 cans along with ice. The dimensions of this k2 cooler are 12.9 x 9.125 x 12.125 inches. Comes with all the standard features except Easyhaul, this cooler is the perfect fit for small groups.

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  • Lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Available at a very cheap price.
  • The right choice for people whose requirements are minimal.
  • Doesn’t come with the Easyhaul feature.

K2 Summit 30

Slightly bigger than the previous model, Summit 30 is the way to go cooler, for whoever needs something more than a simply cooler. This K2 cooler can hold up to 20 cans plus ice. If you’re someone who goes out now and then, you must consider getting yourself a summit 30. Even though this model offers a bit more room, it still is not that expensive compared to the summit 20. This cooler’s dimensions are 13.375 x 13.125 x 12.5 inches.

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  • Offers better storage capacity.
  • Available in different colors and designs.
  • A wheeled version is also available.
  • The size of this cooler is a bit bigger for its capacity.

K2 Summit 50

K2 Summit 50 cooler review

The K2 Summit 50 cooler could be your best cooler if you need a moderate amount of requirements. Not only it comes with bigger storage capacity, but it is also the easiest one to carry around. For those of you, who regularly host pool parties and backyard gatherings with your friends and families, Summit 50 is the perfect fit. You can store as many as 40 cans in addition to ice. This cooler comes in the dimensions of 22.5 x 11.9 x 12.375 inches. 

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  • A better choice for outdoor usage.
  • Comes with all the standard k2 cooler features.
  • Despite its size, this cooler is relatively easier to move and carry around.
  • The price may seem a bit expensive to some.

K2 Summit 60

K2 summit 60 coolers

Now, we move on to the mid-range k2 coolers. The summit 60 is a bigger and better cooler model from the brand. The storage capacity of this cooler is very good, which can store up to 44 cans with some ice. For outdoor events such as hiking and trekking, this cooler is a very good option. The summit 60 is available in the size of 16.5 x 17.13 x 15.375 inches.

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  • A great choice for all your outdoor activities.
  • Available in different types of designs and colors.
  • Offered in two versions, among which, one comes with k2 cooler wheels.
  • This cooler is a bit heavier, which takes a little more effort to carry.

K2 Summit 70

K2 series summit 70 reviewThe second edition in the mid-range category of K2 coolers is Summit 70. This cooler lets you store about 49 cans along with ice. You should carry a cooler of such caliber if you often go out fishing, trekking, and similar other activities. The dimensions of this cooler read 27 x 14.125 x 12.875 inches.

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  • A great option for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Comes with all standard K2 features.
  • Despite its wide range of features and storage capacity, it still is available at a reasonable price.
  • No wheeled version available.

K2 Summit 90

K2 Summit 90

With Summit 90, we now move to the top-end cooler models of K2. It can pack up a total of 63 cans and you’ll be able to include some ice as well. If you regularly host get-togethers, weekend parties, and similar others, you should get yourself a Summit 90. Furthermore, this cooler is also apt for your outdoor needs as well. The Summit 90 cooler comes in the dimensions of 29.13 x 14 x 15.38 inches.

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  • Huge storage capacity.
  • Strong build, making it durable and reliable.
  • With rope handles attaches, it’s extremely easy to carry.
  • The price is a bit on the expensive side.

K2 Summit 120

k2 coolers

The K2 Summit 120 cooler is the biggest of the lot. It has an immense storage capacity, which can accommodate as many as 86 cans along with a decent amount of ice. You can make use of this cooler, wherever you go. It can help you keep your food and drinks fresh and cold for very long periods of time. 34.9 x 14.25 x 16.125 inches are the dimensions of this cooler.

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  • Offers a huge storage capacity.
  • Ice retention of this cooler is very impressive.
  • The build quality is pretty good as well.
  • Only available in color.

Buying Guide: How to buy the best Cooler?

If you’re wondering how to choose the best cooler for your requirements, don’t fret. Just keep on reading this buying guide to know what factors you should consider while buying a cooler:

  • Durability: This factor should be one of your topmost priorities while buying a cooler. If it doesn’t last long, why buy it in the first place? Anyhow, K2 coolers are built using roto-mould technology, which makes them tough and durable for a long time. These coolers are also resistant to all types of harsh climatic conditions. High-quality food grade material is used, which is DryIce compatible and UV resistant.
  • Storage Capacity: Every individual has different needs and requirements. So, this factor totally depends on what you really want. If your needs are minimal and basic, you can go with the low-range K2 Coolers. If your requirements and moderate, buy a mid-range cooler. For those of you, whose needs are bigger, acquire a high-range k2 cooler. There are 7 cooler models with varying storage capacities. So, you can easily pick the right one, as there are many options.
  • Price: Not everyone is ready to buy an expensive cooler. So, as everyone has their own set budget, the price is also a factor that plays a huge role. Compared to the other brands in the market, K2 coolers are available at very reasonable prices. So, it won’t be an issue, choosing the best k2 cooler for you, within your budget.

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As you now have extensive knowledge about the k2 coolers, it’s time for you to choose the right cooler for your needs. Each and every cooler from this brand is extremely reliable, durable, and more importantly affordable. They also offer several special features such as cooler wheels, seat cushions, k2 ice chest, and many more. But, make sure you analyze all your requirements and buy the perfect model accordingly.

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