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best medium cooler

In this world where we all want to consume chilled food and drinks whenever we go out for camping, fishing, hunting, or anywhere, we always use our ice chests. Mostly it is said that always use particular coolers for particular situations. It is actually true, we can’t adjust with a small cooler if we are going out with 5+ friends or family members. Similarly, we have need of large size cooler for parties or hunting situation.

What are Medium coolers?

Medium coolers are particularly of size to fit the needs of 3 to 5 people at most. We can put them in a range of 40-150 quartz of size which is pretty much decent.

Medium-sized coolers are thus the most popular coolers in the market. These coolers are perfect in size and dimensions and fit in most of our day to day usage. Whatever the situation is, they are well capable of proving themselves. Buying a cooler may sound like an easy task but actually, it’s not.

best medium size cooler

From a weekend cruise to a backcountry fishing trip, a proper cooler is sure to come in handy. If anyone says this easily that buying a cooler is a much easier task than anyone thinks, then you can actually just ask a simple question ‘which cooler is best in the market at an affordable price and why?’ 

As said earlier, medium-sized coolers are the most commonly used coolers which people generally think to buy. This article will help you to find the best medium cooler available in the market. 

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Top 7 Medium Size Coolers to Buy in 2021

You can compare these medium-sized coolers and can easily select the one which suits you the best. There are many varieties of coolers between this range. These various coolers are manufactured by various brands and offer exciting features. Let’s jump into this.

orca 58, medium size cooler

1. Orca 40, 58, 75 Quart Coolers

Orca coolers are considered as one of the best medium coolers available out there. This cooler is compact enough to carry easily. The attraction point of this cooler is that its a rotomolded cooler. The rotomolded construction confirms it’s tough construction.

In simpler terms, you can also call this cooler a beast as its tough integrated insulation maximizes the ice retention capacity. If you are planning an outing with your small group then you can surely count on buying Orca Ice chests. Even for an overnight trip, you can use this cooler. For an overnight trip like camping, nobody wants to take risks.

orca ice retention
Ice Retention of Orca Cooers

This 40, 58 & 75 quarts Orca coolers are capable of keeping your food and drinks cool for 10 days. So you don’t have to worry about that. 

Even its the smallest medium-sized cooler in our category. A 40-quarts cooler is still capable of storing 45-50 cans with ice easily. Some interesting features of these coolers are:

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Flex grip handles are provided. 
  • The easy flow drainage system is there.

Where to Buy Orca Medium size coolers?

Well, you can get these buying options for medium size Orca coolers here. Choose size as per your requirements:

rtic 45

2. RTIC 45 Quart (Durable Medium Cooler)

The RTIC 45 Quart cooler is full of features and advantages. This cooler is all about extremes. From resistance and durability to long-lasting, this cooler is up to mark. This medium cooler is a multipurpose cooler. Other than this, RTIC 45 quart cooler can be easily handled by one person. This rotomolded cooler is strong enough to be used as a stool or bench. You can also check our detailed review on Rtic coolers here.

The company claims about this and provides the surety that the cooler can be easily used as a bench. As the cooler has 3” thick insulation walls on each side, it is capable of keeping your stuff fresh and cold for up to 7-9 days or even more. The storage compartment has sufficient space to carry up to 55 cans or bottles. The cooler even has non-slippery feet for easy transportation.

rtic 45 durability

The integrated locking system and the molded side handles are also a great point of attraction in this cooler. If you love camping and regularly organize camping programs with your family or friends then this might be the perfect cooler for you as this cooler is bear-resistant and provides full protection against bears while camping. 

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coleman 48 cheap medium cooler

3. Coleman 48 Quart – Cheapest Option

This cooler by Coleman has all the features and specifications to attract you. This cooler comes in a very affordable price range. There are several color options available for you. This 48-quart cooler has less ice retention capacity than the other mentioned above but still, it provides users with full satisfaction service as it has an ice retention capacity of 3 days or even 5 days if properly used.

You will get your food and drinks edible with original taste even after long hours of journey. In this 48 quart cooler, you can easily hold up to 60 cans or bottles. Thanks to the great height manufacturing of this cooler, it fits 2-liter bottles upright and prevents any sort of spillage inside the space. At the bottom of this cooler, a leak-resistant drain is available to empty the water without having it turned around. 

Other than this, it has heavy molded handles attached on both sides of the cooler for easy handling. Some additional features of this cooler are:

  • It features a space-saving design 
  • Well insulated an environment friendly
  • Comfortable portage because of side handles

Which is the cheapest medium size cooler?

Well, if you are generally looking for cheap medium size coolers then Coleman coolers are are the best choice. You can get them in below 100 bucks easily. Here are different size options available:

Igloo Island Breeze 48

4. Igloo Island Breeze 48 Quart Cooler 

The all-new Igloo 48 quart cooler is a perfect companion for campers. You can pick this cooler, especially when tailgating at a party with a bunch of your friends. It can easily pick 48 quart worth of your food and beverages so that you never have to run short on food. This Igloo 48 quart cooler features an elevated base, this medium-sized cooler avoids contract with the hot surface and improves cooling. 

Igloo medium size cooler

The cooler comes with an ice retention capacity of 5-7 days. The cooler even comes up with heavy-duty swing up handles which makes lifting easy and less of a struggle. Lifting coolers sometimes becomes the most difficult job because of poor quality handles. It is considered a major issue in low coolers but with Igloo you can just pick your cooler and can start your journey.

Thanks to the good height insulation walls, you can easily fit 2-liter water bottles upright. It has 2” thick insulation walls and along with such thick insulation walls, it has enough space to carry 64 cans or bottles easily.

What Sizes we have in Igloo medium size coolers?

Apart from Igloo 48Q which might a bit small for medium size party, Igloo offers variety in size with its various Hard Cooler series. Some of the most suitable options are:

Canyon 55 Quart Cooler

5. Canyon 55 Quart Cooler

This medium-sized cooler is specially constructed to meet all your expectations. The Canon 55 quart cooler has great features that would easily attract you. This cooler is constructed with high-quality material and has thick insulation walls on each side of the cooler. Because of thick insulation walls, the cooler has a great ice retention capacity of up to 13 days and it can even hold up ice in the solid-state for 15 days if used properly. 

canyon 55 medium size cooler

This cooler has large storage capacity and can easily hold up to 55 cans or bottles along with ice. That’s the ample amount of storage you get from this cooler. As this is a rotomolded cooler, it is constructed to survive in extreme conditions. Canyon 55-quart cooler is also considered as the toughest 55-quart cooler available in the market. The high quality handles attached on the side of the cooler makes it easy to lift and shift this beast from one place to another place. 

The cooler has pressure injected HUNTX foam which increases the cooling performance of the cooler and results in a longer ice retention period. Some interesting features of this cooler are:

  • Pressure injected HUNTX foam insulation 
  • IGBC certified 
  • Comes with a UV resistant latch 
  • Provides the highest ice retention capacity in the market.

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ROVR RollR 60 Quart

6. ROVR 60: Best Medium Cooler with wheels

The idea of being able to wheel your cooler to the beach or any other place is a great idea and at the same time, it also provides great comfort to the users. Nobody wants to carry a heavyweight cooler on the whole trip. This cooler is a special product as it is a medium-sized cooler with wheels.

The ROVR RollR 60 is a different cooler as unlike others, the large inflatable wheels are unlike those used on any other cooler & more closely resemble those found on a bike. 

rover 60qt wheeled cooler

PS: We do have an alternative to Rovr 60 in case it’s not available, you can buy Yeti Tundra Haul Portable Cooler or can check the complete list of wheeled coolers here.

It allows you to roll over terrains very easily. Even the handles of thick coolers are specially designed and provide perfect handling grip to carry this cooler. The 60-quart storage compartment is capable of storing 60 cans or bottles along with ice. It has thick insulation walls on each side which improves the ice retention capacity of this cooler. The cooler is capable of keeping stuff cold for 6-8 days. 

It even has some extra accessories attached with it like a large detachable dry box.a non-skid rubber feet and six secure ties down points are also available. The wheels attached in this cooler are considered as the most durable wheels available in the market.

Yeti tundra 65 medium cooler

7. YETI Tundra 65 Medium Cooler

YETI is a brand that is famous for its construction quality and durability. YETI Tundra is built for whatever mother nature throws on them. These are incredibly strong coolers and even the company claims that users can use this cooler as a bench whenever they want to sit. YETI is a brand which mostly provides a lifetime guarantee on their products. 

yeti 65 medium size cooler

The YETI Tundra 65 cooler has extra thick insulation walls which ensure that your food is fresh and ready to consume. The beast is able to hold up to 70 cans or bottles and has an amazing ice retention capacity to keep stuff cold and fresh for 10 days or even more, depending on temperature and usage.

The cooler has attached handles that are molded perfectly for a long time. This cooler is considered as the largest medium-sized cooler available in the market. 

Some amazing features that YETI provides are:

  • It has extra thick insulation walls on each side.
  • Heavy-duty construction claimed by the company.
  • Rotomolded handles for easy lifting.
  • Lifetime warranty by the company.

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Final Words:

These are the best medium size coolers available in the market. These coolers come in a wide storage range of 40 quarts to 65 quarts. Rather than their different storage sizes, most of these coolers are capable of keeping ice solid for up to 10 days. Even with a minimum ice retainment capacity, a medium-size cooler provides 3 days which is sufficient for any short trip. 

Another fact is that these coolers are manufactured by different brands in which some brands produce coolers at a cheap price as compared to others. But all these brands are best in the market.

You can choose any cooler from above as per your demand and budget. Medium size coolers can be used anywhere as they are neither too small nor too big.

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