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Best Orion Coolers review

Orion Coolers may be a Tennessee-based company that features a solid national presence within the premium cooler sector. They focus totally on hard-sided coolers but even have some accessories, a couple of drinkware items, and a few clothing/memorabilia that they sell also. Orion feels that they deserve your business thanks to their impressive array of features. 

They go thus far on exclaim that they need the foremost standard features in its class. This is often a lofty statement that we are getting to put to the test within the huge Orion Coolers review!

Performance-wise, they’re unquestionably up there in the cream-of-the-crop category with the simplest within the biz. However, they won’t necessarily blow the other top brand out of the water. To us, rather, what really separates Orion from the gang is that the obvious passion and a spotlight to detail that they put into their products and their company; from their absolutely A-grade website to their brilliantly thought-out and well-designed features, Orion is simply a flat-out cool company that works their tails off to undertake and supply you with the simplest cooler out there.

In this in-depth Orion Coolers review, we’ll mention everything from sizes and colours, to construction, performance, and features.

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Orion Coolers Review
ModelsWeightIce RetentionDimensionsBuy
Orion 2521.5 lbs60 hours16.75x 20.5×16.75
Orion 5533.5 lbs102 hours18.25x 29.25 x 18
Orion 6536 lbs 120 hours17.75 x 33x 19.25
Orion 8543 lbs170 hours17.5 x 37 x 20.75

Key Features Of Orion Coolers

  • Standing Pad
  • 6 Tie Down Points
  • 4 Aluminum opener Corners
  • Lockable/Certified Bear Resistant
  • Low Profile Camming Latches
  • Motorcycle Grip Carry Handles
  • Best-in-class 2”+ of Insulation
  • Smart, Real-World Sizing?
  • Drain Plug
  • YakAttack Tracks / RAM Integration
  • Highly Functional Tray System

Orion Cooler Ice Retention

Features are cool and everyone, but what most of the people are concerned about when it involves a top-quality cooler is how well it retains ice. On paper, Orion Coolers have all of the features that we glance for during a cooler that’s designed for a few serious ice retention: thick rotomolded walls, oversized freezer-grade gasket, powerful latches, and quality construction.

Orion doesn’t begin and states specifics for his or her coolers with regard to ice life. Rather, they simply say that it can vary which your best performance will come from precooling your cooler, filling gaps with ice, etc. These are certainly helpful tips but to urge to the rock bottom of it, we decided to try to do a touch testing ourselves.

We filled our test models with around 1/3 to 2/5 of ice, left them to call at the Texas summer heat, and opened them from time to time. This emulates more real-life conditions vs. filling them to the brim with ice, leaving them during a cool dark room, and infrequently opening them. We also understand that Orion recommends precooling but let’s face it: most of the people don’t bother about this kind of thing as we didn’t either.

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Orion Coolers Review

Orion Cooler Sizing And Color Variants

Orion ice coolers are available in 6 size variants: 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, and 85-quart. The littlest size Orion 25 is that the ultra-convenient, portable cooler that really is meant to suit perfectly within the rear cargo area of a Jackson Kayak. 

Thus, you’ve got every range of size covered whether you’re off on a fast grab-and-go excursion or a week-long journey into the backcountry with plans of bringing home some serious poundage of fish or game.

 We’ve found 45 QT the foremost convenient amongst all: it isn’t too big, not too small, it is easy to hold and searching specialized in Blaze color.

Now, this next part may sound a touch silly, but we’ve needed to admit that one among our favourite things about Orion coolers are the colours they provide.

They’ve just introduced their new for 2016 standard colour, Stone Cold, to travel alongside their other options; Forest, Sky, Dorado, Jungle, Bluefin and Blaze. All colours are ‘splashed’ camo variants – super unique and sure to earn some comments from your friends.

It’s also worth to say that Orion launched a special Home Team Series: traditionally coloured coolers, with many various colour options to choose between. They’re “tailgate-friendly” ice chests, featuring little nice add-ons like the opener or locking corners. As for colours, Navy | Red | White is simply one possibility, our personal favourite.

These were some details about Orion coolers in general. Let’s now have a look at the Top 3 Orion Coolers for further clarification.

Top 3 Orion Coolers in 2021 Review

1. Orion Heavy Duty Premium Cooler (85 Quart, Blaze)

Each Orion Cooler in Tennessee is hand-built to make sure you never lose your coolness within the field, on the water, or faraway from home. Bottle openers 4, padded top, low-profile, free cam-locked snag (6), are available at each corner, tie-down points (6) so you’ll secure your cooler. it’s certified to satisfy the wants for the shop of food in bear habitats by the Interagency Committee grizzly. it’s grip handles for a motorbike for faster transport. Your Orion will remain, whether on your ship’s arch, your truck’s bed, or the kayak’s back. you’ll still open the content to access it.

Do you miss the opener of the bottle? don’t be concerned. May corner’s bottle openers often help to avoid accidents in your cooler. Motorcycle-style, fast roping handles save on knuckles and do not fall to the bottom during transportation. connect a variety of accessories quickly and efficiently to enhance the performance of your cooler to match your adventure— rolling shops, cup holders, GPS, fish founders. No cooler does anything.

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  1. The Orion 85 is our most prominent cooler in size.
  2. It provides a limited lifetime warranty for ten years for production or service defects.
  3. The Orion 85 can store all of your quartered games, significant fish limitations, food for every week, or enough ice at the lake for family gatherings.
  4. The Gear Track Compatibility features a sort of Orion attachments on each side to put in.


  1. To be fortunate enough we didn’t find any disadvantages.
 Orion Heavy Duty Premium Cooler (55 Quart, Forest)
2. Orion Heavy Duty Premium Cooler (55 Quart, Forest)

Our coolers keep your ice cool for days with industry leading2-inch isolation and robust design. Every Orion Cooler is hand-constructed in Tennessee to make sure you never get cool within the sun, on the water, distant from home. it’s certified to satisfy requirements to store food in bear environments by the Interagency grizzly Committee.

There’s a gap between an extended camping adventure weekend and a whole week within the field, and to fill it, the Orion 55 was made. Add salmon filets or quartered game limits. There’s a lot of room there! We dislike locks that trap objects. The Orion cam-style latches on the brink of the cooler surface and are easy to open and shut as you stick in and out of your car and stand thereon and cast your fly-line. Cam-style latches lock the latches. Stick points on each corner and one on each middle side provide several safe transport options. The Orion will sit in your boat’s arch, in your lorry’s platform, or behind your kayak.

The Orion Coolers have a minimum of 2 “of insulating under a sturdy outer shell to carry cool and dry. Coolers are difficult to shape like kayaks. The world-renowned Jackson Kayaks are equivalent professionals who build your Orion Cooler in our Sparta, TN factory. The hard, polyethene shell is meant to frustrate bears, harass them extensively and supply years of service to outdoor lives. Protect your material with a pad protect, flexible cable, or a gun safety lock; all are approved to satisfy the food storage standards in National Forests in grizzly environments by the Interagency grizzly Committee.


  1. It has extreme preservation of ice. 
  2. It has excellent cash interest.
  3. It has a padded top which made the bottle openers for an outsized seat within the camp, and naturally.


  1. It is heavy, but other luxury coolers hold ice for days.

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Orion Heavy Duty Premium Cooler (65 Quart, Ember)
3. Orion Heavy Duty Premium Cooler (65 Quart, Ember)

Every Orion Cooler is handmade in Tennessee to make sure you never lose your coolness on the sector and therefore the water far away from home. There’s an opener at each corner. Low Profile Cam Latches Free, Tie-Down point in order that you’ll protect cooler, Padded-top. It’s certified as an Interagency grizzly Committee to suit food store standards in bear environments. It’s grip handle motorcycle for easier transportation, full drain plug for natural drainage,2-inch isolation.

The 65 is straightforward to move by canoe, raft, boat or maybe a little plane, with a quartered room for giant games, bigger fish and food every week. Lifetime protection against flaws in quality or materials is given for ten years.

With the power to carry big quarterly games, abundant fish, and meals for every week, the 65 is definitely transported by canoe, raft or truck, or maybe small aircraft. Gear tracks on the cooler’s each side enable the straightforward fitting of GPS devices, rod holders, etc. The sanding pad and 4 bottle openers are standard for the tops.


  1. The 65 is straightforward to move by canoe, raft, boat, or maybe a little plane.
  2. Gear tracks on the cooler’s each side enable the straightforward fitting of GPS devices, rod holders, etc.
  3. Lifetime protection against flaws in quality or materials is given for ten years.
  4. It has grip handle motorcycle for easier transportation, full drain plug for natural drainage,2-inch isolation.


  1. It is quite expensive.
Orion Coolers Review

Wrapping It Up

The bottom line is, The Orion is a legit brand no matter what. Although the Orion line of coolers are usually priced above other competitors, there’s no cooler that appears nearly as good because the Orion. If you’re someone to shop for the simplest of the simplest and desire unique products, then Orion is for you. This cooler is full of features and feels more robust than most competitors. The padded top that functions as a seat or casting platform may be a nice feature that we utilize more and more. Based solely on the number of friends and relations that have tried to shop for this cooler from us solidifies the desirability of this cooler.

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No matter whether you’re considering shopping for 25 quarts or 85 quarts, you’re surely getting to experience a bunch of incredible features alongside great ice retention ability. summation what we’ve already talked about, the Orion Coolers are great when it involves bringing unique and distinctive features. But the costs of such features are sky-rocketing. If you’re trying to find an easy cooler that features a high ice retention period, there are tons of brands coming to serve you.

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