Pelican vs. Yeti Coolers | Best Coolers Comparision Guide

Pelican vs. Yeti Coolers

Pelican vs. Yeti Coolers both are marvellous cooler makers in the market. Both companies have their own special looks and features. Most of the time people get confused between these two brands. They feel unable to decide between the two. If we think of a quick comparison between them, then YETI has a bit more expensive coolers than Pelican but the quick comparison can give wrong results. So, let’s go through some points and then compare these two brands to see which one offers best to users. Both brands offer the best they can to the users. So let’s first see what these brands think about themselves. 

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 Yeti Coolers

Yeti Coolers

The brands are famous with its short name i.e. YETI. The company claims that their coolers feature thick material, high-quality plastic, Grizzly Bear resistant Bulletproof Chests. The company says that they look like a Brinks truck if you were to shrink it down, take the wheels off and strap some handles to it. They even claim that YETIs keep whatever’s inside cool for days and days without a change of ice. 

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Pelican Coolers
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Pelican Coolers

The company says that they offer the best in cheap to the users. The Pelican coolers are a bit bulkier than YETIs but the company says it’s because of the best material that they put in coolers to keep user’s stuff cool for days. They claim to have the thickest insulation walls in the cooler to keep stuff cool. Except that they claim to provide the best handles, grip, and many other things.

Pelican vs Yeti Coolers Comparision

Pelican Elite 30 VS. Yeti Tundra 35

Pelican Elite 30

This cooler is popular among campers and fishers the most. It is well constructed and has a number of impressive features that will definitely attract your attention. It has enough storage of holding 25-30 cans/bottles along with 10-29 lbs of ice. It is secure and durable because of the 3” locking latches with amazing design and quality.

 It even has built-in moulded handles that provide a very comfortable grip. The cooler has some more amazing features constructed specially for users like it has  4 moulded self-draining cup holders and there’s a stainless steel bottle opener. Among all this, the Pelican Elite 30-Quart comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

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 It even has built-in moulded handles that provide a very comfortable grip. The cooler has some more amazing features constructed specially for users like it has  4 moulded self-draining cup holders and there’s a stainless steel bottle opener. Among all this, the Pelican Elite 30-Quart comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

YETI Tundra 35 is also a well-constructed cooler with all features that you may think of. The cooler has a capacity of 20-25 cans/bottles. It can actually store more but if you follow the manufacturer’s 2:1 ice to content ratio then the maximum holding limit will be 20-25 cans. The cooler features a 3” insulation on each of its walls. It comes with an insulated lid that closes securely on the cooler with the help of 2 T-shaped latches. The cooler provides you with a small dry storage basket so that you can keep a few essential stuff away from the ice. The cooler also has the best handles which have rubber grips so that you can carry the cooler easily. 

Quick Comparison 

  • Storage: The YETI Tundra 35 advertises this product as it has 35 quarts of storage but actually the Pelican Elite 30 can hold up more stuff even if it has 5 quarts less storage. 
  • Cooling Capacity: Both the coolers have almost the same cooling capacity and can keep your stuff cool for 10 days or more.
  • Portability and Security: Both the coolers offer the best portability features to users. YETI comes with nylon rope handles while the Pelican has built-in moulded ones. When it comes to security, both are well-tested coolers and work on the same security level. 

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– Pelican Elite 70 VS. Yeti Tundra 65

Pelican Elite 70 

The Pelican Elite 70 is a great choice for campers and mariners who are looking for a cooler to keep their stuff cool and fresh for a long time. This is a rotomolded cooler with high-quality construction and is very much capable of fulfilling almost every need. This heavy-duty rotomolded cooler is capable of holding ice for 10 days or maybe more, depending on climatic conditions. It is claimed by Pelican that if you pack it according to the manufacturer’s guide, your ice will be safe and solid for 10 days for sure.

It has some great features which customers like the most. It has strong and high quality latches. It even has non-scratch rubber feet that will prevent it from moving around in the back of your car or on a watercraft. As you can notice by name, it has 70 quarts storage capacity, which means it can store up to 160 cans/bottles along with ice. 

YETI Tundra 65 

The YETI Tundra 65 is a great choice for those who want to keep their stuff safe and cool for a long time. The cooler has a 65-quart storage capacity which means it can hold up to 150 cans/bottles along with ice. The company claims that the cooler is capable of storing ice for 10 days or even more if used properly.

The cooler features 3 inches thick insulation walls on each side. It even has a high-quality lid that will keep the cold air from exiting the cooling compartment. The company even claimed that the cooler is built strong enough to be used as a bench for 2 people. 

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Quick Comparison 

  • Storage: Both the coolers have high capacity storage and are well capable of holding them properly. It depends on how you pack ice with food and drinks but it is said that both the coolers are capable of storing food and drinks for several days. 
  • Cooling Capacity: Both the coolers have almost the same cooling capacity. Both companies claim that the coolers can hold ice for up to 10 days without changing the ice. 
  • Structure: Both the coolers are well constructed and are built of high-quality material. But the YETI Tundra says that their cooler can be used perfectly as a bench for 2 people which actually shows how much they are confident about their quality and material. 

Pelican Elite 150 VS. Yeti Tundra 160

Pelican Elite 150 

Pelican Elite 150 is a large size cooler suitable for hunters and for groups. As this is a large size cooler it’s also a heavy one. It has a storage capacity of 150 quarts and can hold almost all your stuff. It weighs around 80 lbs when it’s empty and can get much heavier when it’s full. This cooler is not suitable for 2 or 3 people. 

This cooler comes with 2-inch thick insulation walls on each side and has  3 3-inch locking latches to secure the lid on the cooler, and the latches produce a positive click that lets you know they are closed.

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YETI Tundra 160 

The YETI Tundra 160 is a heavy Rotomolded cooler that has the capability of holding your stuff for a very long time which makes it perfect for hunters, fishers, and mariners. It has 160 quarts of storage and can keep ice cool for almost 2 weeks as per said by the company.

It uses the thickest insulation available in the market. It features reliable handles and uses a high-quality gasket that will keep the ice from melting, and it has a non-leak drain plug. It is strong enough to be used as a bench for 2 people without any complaints. 

Quick Comparison 

  • Storage: Both coolers offer large storage space to the users and can hold almost everything that you may need. On practical research, it is found that YETI Tundra 160 actually offers a space of exactly 146.7 quarts but still, it is enough for anyone. 
  • Cooling Capacity: Both coolers offer the best cooling capacity in the market but the YETI claims that Tundra 160 can hold up ice for almost 13 days or more. 
  • Empty Weight: Both are bulky coolers. However, the YETI weighs around 54 lbs whereas the Pelican weighs around 80 lbs which is quite heavier than YETI. 

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Pelican vs. Yeti Coolers

Final Verdict

YETI and Pelican both are extremely strong Rotomolded Coolers which provide you with an ice life of 5 plus days. Pelican models can hold their own when it comes to effectiveness and storage capacity. Most of the time you can notice that both the coolers almost have the same features and functions.

However, Pelican is much heavier than YETI and on the other side, YETI is much more expensive than Pelican. YETI offers better and high-quality manufacturing than Pelican but both are in the same competition zone because Pelican offers all features at much less price than YETI. Both coolers come with their own pros and cons but offer best at their price point.

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It depends on customers, how much they use coolers and how much they want to invest as per their requirement. Both Yeti and Pelican coolers come in various storage sizes and features. You can easily choose one by comparing your expectations with what they are providing. 

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