Polar Bear Coolers Review & Buying Guide (2021)

The months of hot and humid yet again devastated the subcontinent this year. Every year the summer seems to be more ravaging than the year before. The subcontinent faces extreme heatwaves especially in the northern part where the entire region is on a plane. During these hot summers, the problem of load shedding is again a major concern. The amount of load shedding in certain parts of our country is sometimes safe to be considered unbearable.

During the summer there is also arousal of getting cold frequent cold beverages or even water as it seems to cool our soul. After the dry and arid summers, we face a constant phase of showers all across the country which in turn is a contributor to the major rivers of our country but also is responsible for the humid weather condition our country is generally known for.

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Polar Bear Cooler
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Polar Bear Cooler
 (Nylon Solar Bear)
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The above-mentioned requirements can be filled and bring into the perspective of coolers. In this article, we will focus on the review of a brand that has tremendous potential for success. Polar Bear coolers have been launched and have outplayed their well-established contemporary and are expanding exponentially. Here we are going to discuss some of the good and certain tickling points we are able to find in the products of this range. 

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Polar Bear Cooler Review

Polar Bear Coolers Feature 

  • High Density Insulation

The insulation of the product is the best in class and could be considered to be far superior to the sub-standard products which are littered in the market by China. It promises to retain ice for 3 plus days inside the container for a temperature outside to be 90 degrees. You can rarely find such a promise in the market.

  • Waterproof

These coolers are waterproof as well as sweat-proof. Everybody hates a cooler constantly sweating especially when it is used for carrying and travelling purposes. Also, these products are used for refrigeration of food or other stuff and it is specially designed for its use in aquatic environments.

  • Bottle Openers

So have you brought any chilled beverage while planning for the adventure and like always have forgotten to bring a bottle opener along this is such an obvious situation and adds a bump towards your adventure. Don’t worry as our product comes with an attached bottle opener to back you up in these oops situations.

  • Tie Downs

The simplest but one of the most important mechanisms of the coolers and here there are 8 of those each on either side. It can be secured in any condition and ready to go without any thoughts of shakedowns.

  • Great Shoulder and Backpack option 

All the products in this brand come with a great option. Also the same is made of high-quality nylon and does not raise any quality concerns in my mind. Also, the product is designed to be user friendly and has attracted a lot of attraction towards itself.

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Polar Bear Cooler lineup
  • Available Sizes

ALL the customers don’t have similar requirements and hence the product the need will differ. Some customers may want it for a group whereas the other may wish to have it all for themselves this raises a difference in want in sizes. This brand presents its products in the following sizes

  1. 12 pack (12 cans)
  2. 24 pack (24 cans)
  3. 48 pack (48 cans)
  4. Backpack which carries 18 cans

In addition Nylon series also comes with 6 pack(6 can ) features.

  • Colors

The product comes in a variety of colours to satisfy your colour cravings. The colours available are Navy blue, red, orange, green, black, grey, duck blind, silver, charcoal, tangerine, mossy oak. They also make camouflage printed covers which really come in handy while hunting or trekking. 

  • Warranty

The coolers come with both a 30-day money-back warranty for an unused product of the polar bear coolers as well as a limited lifetime warranty that comes with its product but to attain this warranty you need to visit their website and activate their plan.

  • FDA approved liner

The liner used is food grade quality checked by FDA in simple terms you don’t have to worry about anything if the food comes into contact with the liner as it does not pose any threat to the health of the consumer.

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Polar Bear Cooler Review & guide

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How durable are polar bear Coolers Are?

Polar Bear has a fantastic range of soft-sided coolers. These soft-sided coolers are designed using TPU Double Coated Nylon liner which adds to the strength of those coolers. These coolers are designed to face up to any tear and repel water to an excellent extent. Ice bear Coolers are highly durable. On top of that, these coolers feature a heavy-duty zipper, making them rugged and durable.

  • Are these coolers Waterproof?

Polar Bear Coolers are waterproof. The material that these coolers are designed with is water-repelling and sweatproof. Anyone who spends enough time outdoors, they don’t need to worry about the contents inside the cooler while it rains heavily.

  • For How Long PolarBear Coolers Can Retain Ice?

Depending upon the dimensions of the coolers, the ice retention ability of those coolers vary. you’ll find a cooler which will retain ice for over 24 hours while there are coolers that will retain ice for multiple days. Aside from this, there are various factors that inherit play to impact the ice retention ability of those coolers.

  • Is it safe to use solid in these coolers?

You can use solid in your Cooler. Before you employ solid, remember to require major precautions so you don’t hurt yourself while putting solid inside the coolers. Moreover, solid keeps the temperature inside the cooler colder for an extended time because it melts slowly than regular ice.

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Polar Bear Cooler Review

Final Verdict

We are so impressed with the Polar Bears. From the entry-level Nylon Series up to the higher-end H2O and Eclipse models, ice bear has really dialled in their product. The build quality and construction are superb. And because of the optimal design and quality components, the ice life is extremely good.

Plus you’ve got some flexibility on customization options to assist in spruce up what would rather be a reasonably plain-looking cooler. While they certainly aren’t the most cost-effective coolers on the market, they’re a superb value for what you get. Coming to the ice retaining capacity, even the littlest cooler can retain the ice for up to 24 hours. Additionally to the present, the customization feature offered by polar bears won’t let your cooler look dull and that’s really impressive.

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