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best small cooler reviews

Best Small Cooler Reviews: In our daily life, we all are somewhere using ice chests. You can easily find one in your garage. These Cooler comes in very different types and sizes according to your use and demand. They can be electric or can be traditional. You can use them in your everyday life like when you go camping, fishing, or if you think of organizing a house party or a backyard barbeque party. Some of you might be thinking of purchasing an ice cooler or to replace your older ice chest with a new one.  

Today we are discussing here the small ice coolers which we commonly use and which are available in the market. Small ice chests or we can call personal coolers are the best for someone who wants to pack their own lunch and stuff when they go out for work or fun. These coolers are large enough to carry your stuff and lunch. They are easy to carry anywhere. Small ice coolers are versatile, and you can use them for any sporting event, hiking, or hitting the beach. These coolers will do their best for keeping your food and drinks cool and fresh. 

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Let’s see some popular Small coolers reviews:

Everest Lunch Bag review

1. Everest Lunch Bag

This is an interesting small cooler bag which comes with a lot of features which you may like. The Everest Lunch Box is in the list of soft-sided boxes and it is also one of the cheapest coolers available in the market.

It has some great advantages as it is a lightweight cooler and is very easy to carry in both cases either its full or empty. This is also an effective cooler because it is made up of polyester instead of hard molded material but that doesn’t mean it’s less effective. It has adjustable shoulder straps which make it easy and comfortable for you to carry it anywhere. It has front pockets that are not that spacious but yes, this cooler provides the special feature of carrying some non-refrigerated items also. This cooler can keep your stuff cool and fresh for eight hours which is quite impressive at this price point.

  • This cooler provides you a great advantage, as the cooler is made of polyester. It is quite a bit stretchable and thus you can fit an item which is even a bit big.
  • You cannot force-fit any item as it is a bit stretchable because of its material but also can break easily as polyester is a softer material than a hard molded material.
Coleman Personal Cooler

2. Coleman Personal Cooler

If we talk about the most popular small coolers available in the market, Coleman Personal Cooler is one of them. These coolers offer a great space capacity of 5 quarts. This cooler ṣprovides you with enough space to carry your lunch along with one or two drinks. Sounds sufficient for one’s perfect lunch. It can be used by trekkers and even for picnics. 

This cooler has sufficient space for your lunch and there is a special reason why it is suitable for trekkers. Trekking can take a long time and thus this cooler is prepared to keep your stuff cool and fresh for up to twelve hours.

This cooler has small dimensions and is compact in size. Thus it is easy to carry either you are going to work or to enjoy a soccer game, just pack your lunch with some drinks or you can grab four-five beers with some ice. 

  • This cooler is great for children especially on their picnics and field trips as it has sufficient space for them to carry a day deal.
  • This cooler is designed too small for many people. It’s an issue as according to them a small cooler should be designed to at least have eight cans capacity but this cooler only has a maximum capacity of four.
best mini cooler Kula 2.5 Gallon Cooler

3. Kula 2.5 Gallon Cooler

This is a bucket-shaped cooler which provides great space to users. It is extremely well created and works perfectly even directly in the summer heat. Customers love this bucket cooler for trips to beaches and camps. It has a great capacity of keeping your stuff and drinks cool for six to eight hours. It even has an attached bottle opener for customers. 

This cooler has a spacious design which makes it more premium. It has air vents fixed at the side of the cooler which maintains the airflow on the cooler but at the same time also prevents the cool air from coming out of the chest. This air vent has some special role as the cooler never smells disgusting.

  • The weight of the cooler is 11 pounds and it is made of the 270-degree hinge so it can be easily lifted from any side without any risk. 
  • The company also claimed that this cooler is Gator-proof which is great news for people traveling in Gatorshell construction.
barebones small cooler

4. Barebones Living Pathfinder

The Barebones Living pathfinder is a good looking and effective ice cooler which is also one of the most popular products in the market. It is probably the most aesthetically pleasing cooler we have included in this list. 

You can also call it a hybrid cooler because of its design and material it can be used both in a wide and urban environment. You can use it while going to work as well as you can just carry it for trips. This model is a great choice for people who enjoy exploring and who want to have a reliable solution to keeping their food and drinks cold when they go to work. The cooler also provides a shoulder strap which is very well built for any kind of rough use. 

This cooler gives you a great time of storage for keeping your lunch and drinks cool and fresh. Customers can just forget about their stuff as it provides you a twenty-four hours cooling time which is the maximum time till now in this list.

  • The cooler provides a great time for storage and is also a great design. It looks better and it works best. 
  • The shoulder strap can be improved and can be built of a soft material rather than such hard material.

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YETI Roadie 20

5. YETI Roadie 20

YETI Roadie is a great designed trendy cooler that is quite popular in the market and can be also called baby yeti cooler because it is preferred as a baby version. The cooler is UV resistant constructed and it is capable of storing dry ice. 

People who do camping are always worried about bears taking and destroying their stuff. There’s good news, this cooler has FatWall construction which bears proof certified. It has heavy-duty rubber construction and also has an interlock lid system which helps to prevent air leaks and keeps the cooler cool.

yeti small cooler review
  • This is a lightweight cooler which can only be lightweight until you add your lunch and some drinks in it. 
  • This cooler provides better performance as it is strongly designed and is capable of taking pressure and beating again and again.

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What should be average size while buying a small cooler?

Small size coolers are mostly available between the storage capacity of seventeen to twenty-four quarts which are even sufficient for minimum a single and maximum of two people.

These mini size coolers have great sales as most people require an ice chest but they are not willing to buy a size that is difficult to carry on a daily basis. Large ice chests have various specifications and also feature a much longer ice life and storage but are also much more expensive as compared to small-sized chests which are perfect for personal use and even have a good productive life.

small size cooler

How to choose a Small Mini-sized Cooler for your personal use?

Does your cooler need to Be Waterproofed?

Always make sure the ice cooler you are buying is waterproof. It never feels pleasant to carry a cooler around if it’s wet. Many people think of taking a cooler in bed or even putting it on a table corner while working. It’s very uncomfortable for any user to carry it if it’s wet in such conditions.

Check for the Material quality

Always first check the material quality. Customers get attracted to the design and comfortable handles but they forget about the material. The material should be solid molded and if it is not it should be tough enough to have a long life.

Most people prefer to carry a lightweight cooler with a shoulder strap. The cooler must be durable and have tough material use either it’s solid or polyester.

Size and Capacity

Size and Capacity of the cooler matters a lot as if the cooler is made up of solid substance and is also durable but has the least space for your stuff, it will just become a waste. Size and Capacity should be enough for a person to fill the cooler with mid-day stuff.

Ease of Maintenance

Everything requires cleaning at least once in a while. The cooler should be designed in a way so that users can clean it easily.

While buying make sure to check that the cooler is treated with anti-microbial substances or not. If it isn’t, it’s better to refrain from buying it in the first place, as it has many health risks.

Final Take: We hope this small cooler reviews and buying guide has helped you to choose a mini personal cooler for you. If your requirements need more space please check our medium and large ice chest cooler reviews here:

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